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First off, we want to send you a HUGE congratulations on your wedding! Whether you celebrated this summer, last year, or years ago- your wedding day will be remembered forever!

Thank you for reaching out to us with hopes in sharing your day in the magazine. To ensure we capture your full story we have included a small questionnaire for you to answer.  Thanks again!

Send us professional photos that you feel capture your entire day! These should be high resolution, professional images and sent to us accompanied by the photo release form:
**You can email your photos to: If files are too large, we advise you use

Bride/Groom's Name *
Bride/Groom's Name
Bride/Groom's Name *
Bride/Groom's Name
What were the major factors that lead you to choose to DIY your wedding?
Where did you look for your inspiration?
What was your favourite part of DIY wedding planning? What was the most difficult part of DIY wedding planning?
What advice would you give to a Bride who is deciding between DIY or hiring vendors?
Give us a brief overview of you and your partner (how you met, how they proposed, etc).
If you were to redo your big day, would you choose to DIY again? What would you change?
Please give us a brief overview of your Wedding Day!
Did we miss something that you feel is important to include? Let us know!