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Natasha Tobias-Cooper started out as a DJ in 2002, working various clubs and doing a handful of weddings on the side. It wasn’t long after that she fell in love with weddings and events. This is when her crazy, busy, chaotic, exciting, non-stop, amazing wedding planning journey began in 2005. Beginning as "Natasha's One Stop Wedding Shop" in Rothesay NB, and with only one employee to help her with emails and phone calls, Natasha would never have dreamed her business would take off and become what it is today.

Natasha now owns Natasha’s Weddings & Events and has grown her business tremendously over the last ten years. She is now doing more than three hundred weddings and events per year and is now the proud owner of two of her very own venues, The Cornerstone, which opened in June 2018, and her newest venue, The Rockland, which is currently under renovations and forecasted to be open for August of this year.

Natasha’s Weddings & Events is a wedding and event planning service unlike any other. Alongside her, is her best friend and husband, Paul Tobias-Cooper, and her Rockstar team which has now grown to four full time and more than fifteen part time employees. Each and every day they get new inquiries for rentals, services, meetings and more. The company is heavy into wedding season in the summer months and is involved in ten to fifteen weddings each and every weekend, flipping straight into corporate Christmas season and do not slow down until after New Year’s. They take on all sorts of events, on top of the two hundred plus weddings each year. The team at Natasha’s provides free consultations with anyone that has an inquiry about their venues, décor rentals, planning services as well as all the other services they have to offer. It is a non-stop business and they are receiving more and more inquiries each and every year.


Natasha’s Weddings and Events is a full service one stop shop specializing in wedding and event planning, event décor rentals, DJ services, photo booth rentals and more. Natasha handles events ranging from corporate parties, charities and meetings, to trendy wedding events and social gatherings. No matter what event you are looking to plan Natasha can take on the task of planning, allowing you to experience all the joy and satisfaction that throwing a flawless event has to offer. The business deals with everything wedding related, from talking to couples to contacting vendors, to monthly or hourly coordination. They are constantly updating and improving their system so that they can accommodate each and every client whether it be a bride/groom or a business’s corporate event.

They specialize in wedding and event planning. With years of experience and hundreds of events each and every year their expertise and knowledge of the industry is second to none. They are very familiar with all of the venues and what each and every one of them have to offer and each event goes off without a hitch as Natasha and her team have them covered.



One thing Natasha and her team always say is that it’s never too early to book. It’s always worth it to come in, talk to them and see all of their options. Natasha’s Weddings and Events most often books their wedding inquiries one to two years in advance and strives to get clients in as soon as possible to see the venue(s) and to sit down with them and discuss décor and service options. They say, there is nothing worse than not being able to have your dream wedding because things are already booked or rented or there isn’t enough time for something. Planning ahead is so important in this business and it makes a world of a difference. Natasha and her team want every client to have the wedding or event of their dreams, flawlessly planned. Getting in sooner rather than later is always a good idea! 

Another piece of advice they have is to never be afraid to ask. You are the client and that’s what’s most important! You never know what décor or other services may be available and if it is something that you are interested in, it is always so important to mention it when you begin planning so that the team can do their best to accommodate anything you may want or need. Natasha and her team always get inquiries for items or services that may already be booked out or spoken for already or that they simply may not even have, but they do their best to make it happen! They want to make sure your wedding or event is everything you dreamed of. They say, all it takes is just a little planning magic. 

Come with a budget! It always helps us when our clients come to meetings with a budget in mind, or at least a rough estimate of what they are looking to spend. This way we can personalize their event at a cost that they are comfortable with and we can avoid overwhelming clients with dollar signs, and truly focus on making their wedding or event a dream come true. We do what we can to accommodate every client’s budget no matter how big or how small.

We absolutely love our job!! Everyone we meet, family members and friends always say to us that they would never want the responsibilities or long hours that comes with the job that we have. Yes indeed it is a high stressed and fast paced environment and there seams to never be enough hours in the day, but when you love what you do and have a passion for what you do it makes it so much easier to wake up in the mornings off very few hours of sleep. Our job revolves around love, happiness, smiles, bringing families together, and celebrations. How much more rewarding of a career can we ask for? We were told recently "if it was easy, then everyone would be doing it", this statement is so true and we truly believe we are the right kind of people for this type of job.


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