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Introducing Ask Wedding Whisperer: Advice For Your Wedding

Dedreanna DrostComment
Photos by Heather at This Is Photography

Photos by Heather at This Is Photography

Hello, Weddings Atlantic Readers! Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Jess! An event planner with over ten years of experience throwing events big and small. An East Coast girl who not only enjoys a good party—especially if it ends on the dance floor—but loves throwing them. A romantic who loves weddings no matter what my role—guest, bridesmaid, maid-of-honour, wedding planner, or day-of-coordinator. A wedding whisperer that believes that your wedding (and dare I say wedding planning) can, and should, be fun! And now, drum roll please, Weddings Atlantic’s very own advice columnist! 


Every month, I’ll be giving advice on your wedding worries and woes. Whether it’s wedding planning essentials, the inside scoop on local venues and vendors, tips and tricks to save you time and money, or moral support to help you stay sane during the planning process, I’ve got your back! 



Because planning a wedding can be overwhelming! It’s a lot of keeping everything on track when you’re faced with endless details, decisions, and deadlines, paired with countless opinions and perspectives, combined with expectations and reality, on top of everyday life. All turning what’s supposed to be a special day into a huge source of stress!  


So, I’m here to help! To give you the wedding advice that will not only help you put the pieces together for your big day but will bring the fun back into wedding planning.  


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