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Meet Our Bride Ambassador, Leah Murray!

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We’re so excited to introduce another Weddings Atlantic Bride Ambassador, Leah Murray! Leah is engaged to Andrew, and this is the story of how they met and got engaged.

Photos by Candace Berry Photography

Photos by Candace Berry Photography



How They Met

Andrew and I met in 2012 while we were both studying business at Acadia University. We were neighbors on Prospect St – he actually lived in the same house that my sister and Brittney (editor-in-chief) lived in when they were in Wolfville.

I had heard about Andrew since he went to the same high school as me, but we never crossed paths. One night, my roommate was going over to visit her friends who lived with Andrew – she invited me to join (they set both of us up!).

I didn’t think anything would happen because we were about to go home for the summer, but Andrew made the most of our next two weeks. He ‘played dumb’ and would come over and ask for my textbooks since we both had the same exams (I still think there should be an asterisk on his diploma with my name). He then asked me on our first official date to a town-favourite, Library Pub. Our relationship moved along quickly and he came on a family vacation just 5 weeks later!


Photo by Candace Berry Photography

Photo by Candace Berry Photography

After spending the last 2 years living in Australia, Andrew and Leah are happy to be back on the East Coast where both of their families live.

Andrew’s been known as ‘Unkie Andy’ to my nieces and nephews since the get-go, but I can’t wait until this title becomes official.


The Proposal


“How well do you really know me?” I asked Andrew. Mostly as a joke but I had a full list of questions, with one asking if he could name my top 3 places in the world. He was 3/3 with one of them being his cottage in Grand Lake, NB. 

 We would often say we should visit in the winter, so I didn’t think anything of it when he suggested we make a pit stop and snowshoe into the cottage on our way to Fredericton.

 As we were getting our snowshoes on, I noticed he had a sled with a whole tree worth of firewood and a 40L backpack packed to the brim. I could tell he was pretty proud of this ‘date’ he planned so I didn’t bother voicing my inner thoughts of “what on EARTH did you pack and why do we need all that?”.

 The trek was quite adventurous. His nerves were out in full force with multiple pee breaks. I even made a joke asking if he was alright because his face was red the whole time (thought I was going to have to do CPR!) I was completely oblivious and ended up ruining multiple ‘almost’ proposals (oops!).

 Once we arrived at the cottage, the deadbolt was frozen and we ended up having to kick in the door. Once we got settled, we were watching the most beautiful sunset when he got down on one knee. I was so caught off guard that I think the first words out of my mouth were “what the ****” followed by the ugly-cry and a profound YES. It was the most magical moment! I couldn’t imagine a better place to share such a special memory.


You’ll be hearing more from Leah soon! Stay tuned!

Photos by Candace Berry Photography

Photos by Candace Berry Photography