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5 Common Wedding Pitfalls & How to Avoid Them

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No matter how prepared you are and how much you’ve planned in advance, there will always be something you forget on your wedding day. Or, like many brides, you may have lulled yourself into a false sense of security about just how much you’ve got this whole wedding thing in the bag – up until a few weeks before your wedding when people start asking you questions that you just can’t answer. Remember: even the best planners can’t account for every single possibility. Planning a wedding (especially the last few weeks before the event) is an insanely all-encompassing exercise, and you’re bound to let something fall by the wayside.

My first piece of advice is to breathe and  be gentle with yourself and others. At the same time, remember: you have a whole team behind you who you can call on when things go sideways.

My second piece of advice? Read this post. Because today on the blog, we’re sharing tips from brides to help your day run as smoothly as possible.

Have the awkward conversations

I get it: no one likes to talk about money. It makes things awkward and uncomfortable for everyone. The one thing I hear often, though, is how many couples don’t have those critical conversations with their wedding party about what exactly is expected of them financially. When you ask someone to stand by your side at your wedding, be sure to give them all that information they’ll need to make an educated decision. So many couples forget this important detail and end up with a less than thrilled wedding party who are left unexpectedly to pick up the tab. Be sure to discuss details like who is responsible for paying for the wedding attire, whether a gift is required, or what the expectations are around financing the bachelor/bachelorette parties. This clarity ensures that everyone is happy and truly thrilled to be standing by your side come the wedding day. Don’t risk your relationships with the most important people in your lives.

Remember the little things

Sometimes, you’re so caught up in the minute details of your day, you forget (arguably) the most important thing of all. Take the rings, for example. I’ve personally attended a wedding where the rings were left behind back at the hotel. The poor bride and groom had to borrow rings to use during the ceremony. This is where your wedding party comes in. If you’ve got a ‘details person’, be sure to use them. Don’t overload your Maid of Honour or Best Man with so many tasks that they forget something like your wedding rings or your marriage license – try to divvy up these minute details among your wedding party. That being said, if it does happen to you, take a deep breath and laugh it off! At least you’ll have a story to tell for years to come.  Other things you will want to remember include: a knife to cut the cake, a pen to sign the guestbook and marriage license, a stain remover stick, bobby pins, safety pins and a sewing kit, just to name a few.

Always have a back up

There’s something amazing about an outdoor wedding when it all goes off without a hitch – that is, when the weather cooperates. While most couples don’t gamble on the weather being perfect and have a secondary location for the ceremony and/or reception secured in case of bad weather, it’s important to scout indoor locations for your photographs, too. Be sure you discuss this with your photographer, and secure an alternate location (or two!)  for photos in case of bad weather.

Hire a ‘runner’

Hiring a ‘runner’ can save you on your wedding day. You’ll have so many things to do in such a short amount of time, and not enough time to do it all yourself. You’ll likely want your wedding party close by, too, so you can enjoy as much of the day pre-ceremony as possible. Hire someone to be your runner for the day of. This may be your day of coordinator or your wedding planner, but it also doesn’t hurt to have someone else on standby to grab the items you’ll inevitably forget. Save yourself some peace of mind so you can stop feeling frazzled and get back to being ‘present’ on your wedding day.  

Spend a few minutes alone

Your wedding day can be chaotic, and you’ll probably feel pulled in every direction. So many brides recall the day as nothing but a frantic blur. So, before you set out on that walk down the aisle, take a few minutes just for you and just be still. Try to commit as much of the day to memory as possible. Breathe and reflect. You’re almost married!

So, there you have it: some of our best tips for avoiding those common “day of” pitfalls. What did you forget to do on your wedding day? Share your stories with us!