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Proposal Perfection

Flashback FridayAshley RossignolComment

Hiiiiiiii readers, it's me, Ashley, you may have forgotten me by now as I have been held hostage by my masters program coursework for the past month or so BUT I am writing to you from the freedom of a two week break (I won't be graded for this, right?)

Moving on!... After a summer (and yes, I know not over yet) filled with beautiful weddings, I felt a bit like talking about how these journeys to the big day started - with the proposal! 

Recently, my brother-in-law and his girlfriend had travelled to England for the wedding of her close friend. A few days into their trip, we received an excited facetime call and they announced that they were engaged! YAY!! Soooo exciting! They are the sweetest couple and I am so, so happy for them! Naturally, I wanted to consume the whole phone call with all the details and let me tell you - this proposal was something else! The proposal happened on a hike that brought them to a cliffside overlooking Lulworth Cove & the English Channel, and I've since seen some pictures, it was gorgeous; ohhhh the romance, *swoon*. While on the call I jokingly made reference to the locale of my proposal (our kitchen) teasing that I guess one brother was more romantically blessed than the other. But ultimately, I wanted to write this post as a tribute to my own proposal experience and to allllll the proposal experiences out there big and small because they are all special! 

Later that evening, I said to Patrick, "Hey Pat, you know I was only teasing earlier, you know I loved your proposal" he rolled his eyes saying, "sure, sure". But I wasn't just trying to save his feelings, I really meant it and here's why.

The day Patrick proposed was like any other day, I think specifically, it was a Friday. I was home this day with Cole just doing some chores around the house. I had a shower late in the morning and Pat called me asking what I was doing for lunch, Patrick rarely would come home from work for lunch he usually would bring something or pick up something quickly. This day he was saying he was coming home, so I asked if I should make something he said sure. If you know me at all, you know my cooking skills are limited (Pat does all the cooking) so I looked in the cupboards found a "Lipton Sidekick" and started boiling water. 

I had just put Cole down for nap about 20 minutes before Pat walked in the door. I was wearing sweatpants, a baggy t-shirt, my hair in a towel and no make-up on. I was also 5 months pregnant at the time and still dealing with some daily nausea so like, not my best look. Pat came in and went into Cole's room, getting him out of bed and bringing him out. Um, excuse me? Annoyed, I asked what the heck he was doing and he just shrugged me off like.. I dunno, I wanted to see Cole. Hmm wow, thanks now I'll have to fight to get him back down again after you leave, I thought (But looking back, I may have expressed this out loud).

So I am standing in the kitchen at the stove, thinking am I doing this sidekick right, maybe I shouldn't have thrown out the package with the instructions... And Pat is in the kitchen too, my back is to him. "Ash" he says, I respond without turning around "Yeah?" he just says "Ashley" again... Again, facing the possibly overcooked side dish, I say "Yes?" AGAIN "Ash".. "Oh my GOD, WHAT PAT?" annnnnnd I finally turn around......

And there, with Cole running around, sidekicks boiling over, among the chaos, is Patrick looking the most nervous I have ever seen him, visibly trembling on one knee, ring box in hand. "Ashley, will you marry me?" After that I don't know if I remember anything clearly. There were tears, hugs, kisses, Cole was in the middle of it all, I feel like I recall Cole almost knocking the ring onto the floor, the sidekicks (in case you were wondering) were boiled over and ruined. Pat, in true Pat fashion, then informed me he would be heading back to work now. It was a whirlwind

It was perfect.

Was I on a cliffside? no. Was there a sunset backdrop? no. Was it captured with a photoshoot? no. Did he have a prepared heartfelt speech? also no... BUT it was perfect because it was us.

Our life is chaos, and it always has been! When I met Pat, I already had Cole, we didn't have years of your "traditional" couple-y romance, we have been more than a twosome from the beginning, and now we are four! We don't do a lot of travelling, we don't have a lot of alone time, we don't cuddle until noon on Sundays. But we have moments, moments amongst the chaos where we look at each other and just know we are in this together. Moments we get away for dinner and a string of bowling (I am the reigning champ, BTW). Moments in the evenings, after the kids are finally asleep and we can binge watch our latest Netflix fave. 

So our proposal, that little moment, where it was just us in the middle of our chaos, it was truly perfect to me and I will cherish it forever.

Well, I hope you are all enjoying Issue 2! Share with me your special proposal, and why it was perfect for you! 

xo Ashley