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The Journey of Weddings Atlantic

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Coming in January 2018…

Because of your feedback and our excitement in what our region has to offer the industry, Weddings New Brunswick is proud to announce we will be transitioning to Weddings Atlantic for January 2019!

I sat down with our editor in chief, Brittney Toner, to discuss the decision for this monumental change and what it will mean for brides and businesses in Atlantic Canada.

“I went to a wedding expo in Halifax earlier this year to do market research on the wedding industry in our neighbouring province. I was blown away with the quality of work and the variety of businesses showcased at the expo. Were there a lot of brides interested in Weddings New Brunswick at a Halifax expo? No, but what I grew to learn was they were interested in having a product just like Weddings New Brunswick for their planning and resourcing. I also had brides and business owners come to our booth and exclaim, ‘PEI needs this too!’

I feel that our vision for New Brunswick is easily transferred across the Atlantic Provinces. We are all looking for something to turn to when planning our weddings. Weddings New Brunswick wanted to come up with a solution. Do we keep Weddings New Brunswick? Do we start Weddings Atlantic? Do we do both? It really came down to the fact that Weddings Atlantic encompasses all of our visions: we pride ourselves on the East Coast, our wedding industry is booming and we want to give all of Atlantic Canada the platform we were giving New Brunswick in the pages of this magazine.

So what’s to come? There won’t be drastic changes in our format. I don’t want to lose what we have been building on over the last year and a half with Weddings New Brunswick. We are still going to showcase your Real Weddings, but instead of it being four New Brunswick weddings, we will have one from each province! There will be much more vendor content as we stretch across all of the provinces. Weddings Atlantic opens up the options we can share with our wonderful readers as we live out our mission: to showcase high quality, local talent and services as we share the love stories of Atlantic Canada. We can’t wait for you to see where we go next. Won’t you join us?

Now that you know what readers can expect, let’s discuss what benefits our new format has to offer businesses and vendors.

Weddings Atlantic will broaden the horizon and help our partnered businesses in the industry by providing a greater exposure for all vendors. For example, a photographer in Moncton could gain a following in not only New Brunswick, but in PEI, Nova Scotia, or Newfoundland! It really helps Atlantic Canadian businesses in our industry reach more than their own home province.

There are so many businesses and passion projects that appeal to the newly engaged bride and groom. We have a strong desire to help boost everybody with Weddings Atlantic, to help them get their voice and word out.

A change that we are making with Weddings Atlantic to benefit businesses in our region is that we will be printing 10-15,000 copies, a sizable increase from the number of copies of Weddings New Brunswick, the majority of those being free. Now businesses will be a point of distribution, directing potential clients straight to their doors. Businesses who benefit from our advertising exposure will be receiving copies of our magazine to give to clients and potential customers to show that they have been featured in Weddings Atlantic. Wedding show and expos will have copies to gift all couples in their swag bags.

Our main focus in our advertising bundles is increasing your online and social media presence. Not only do vendors and businesses get a beautiful ad in our magazine, but they also get features on our blog, features in our newsletter, YouTube channel, Instagram, and Face Book. Any online platform where you find Weddings Atlantic, you will also find us promoting your business as well. This gives you ample opportunity to get your name and brand in front of all of our followers.

Your promotion is our goal.

Contact us today at and find out how you can start this incredible partnership with Weddings Atlantic.