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7 Tips to Be a Great Guest

Tips & TricksAshley RossignolComment

I'm not sure if you've noticed, but Summer is here. It's been so dang hot that I live in fear of someone arriving to my house announced - why you ask? Well, because when at home myself, and really my whole family have very little clothing on! (this is me)

Anyway, point being call me if you're coming over... moving on, with Summer comes - you guessed it - weddings! You're either having one, you're in one, or you're attending one! 

This week, I wanted to focus on those of us attending a wedding (or multiple weddings) this season. So, if your fridge door is covered with save the dates and invitations, this one is for you! 

Personally, I love attending weddings. I love getting dressed up, I love dancing, I love eating, and I love LOVE. Every wedding I have ever been to, even as a plus one to a wedding where I barely know the couple, I cry. I cry tears of joy for the two people tying the knot, I cry throughout the speeches, and the father daughter dance? more tears. I just think weddings are so special and to me, witnessing these two people and their families come together is an honor! I know, totally sappy, but that's how I feel OK!!?! So, now that it's most obvious I am the ultimate wedding guest, and everyone should send out an extra invite to me, I will share with you my tips so that you can also be an amazing wedding attendee ! 

1. Don't wear white. Ok, maybe I am sounding a bit aggressive to start, but white is for the bride! And maybe she shows up in a blue dress but chances are it will be white or some variation. Unless it was explicitly stated in the invite for guests to follow some kind of "white attire" dress code, just save your white dress for a different summer party! 

2. Follow the invitation's instructions. Show up at the time on the invitation, choose your meal option, RSVP. If on the day of the wedding you need directions, text another guest - not the bride. If you don't know anyone else going - use google maps! 

3. GUSH over the bride's appearance. It doesn't matter what you really think about the dress/the hair/the accessories, if you have any interaction with the bride on her wedding day you SHOWER her in compliments "Omg girl, you are a literal VISION, you are STUNNING, you are serving me major modern princess bride vibes and I am LOVING IT" Today is her day, she likely spent hours getting ready, weeks, months prepping for this, let her know how amazing she looks! 

4. Put your phone away. Ceremony especially, for one if it's to text or scroll facebook... rude. And if it's because you believe you can get a better picture with your iphone than the hired photographer, you wrong.

5. Sign the guestbook. My husband and I loved going through our guestbook after the wedding, and I still look through it once and a while now. We had a Polaroid camera set up with our guestbook as well and I love looking back on who was there for our special day! 

6. Respect for traditions. For example, if there is a father/daughter dance - watch it, it will take 2.5 to 3 minutes! Don't be distracting, don't start texting, just be in the moment! If the bride tosses the bouquet, get in there! If there is a receiving line after the ceremony get in line. If there is a certain traditional dress code, try your best to participate. Overall, just be respectful! 

7. Finally, have fun! Be involved, if there is dancing, DANCE! Even if you have to do the *cringe* YMCA or the *double cringe* chicken dance... just do it! Have an extra glass of wine and then get out there! Some of the best memories a couple will take away from their wedding will be the fun they had with their friends and family - and seeing these guests have fun too! I love hearing from my friends what a good time they had at our wedding it makes me so happy! 

So, how many weddings are you attending this season? What makes you a super guest? Or, what do you hope of your guests at YOUR wedding?

Stay cool! 

Ashley xo