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The Groom's Perspective!

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As our first wedding anniversary approaches, I thought it might fun to do a little interview with Patrick to reflect back on our special day! And I added a bit of my own input, because duh it’s me and I always have something to add!!

What was our wedding date?

P: July 15

A: This was obviously me trying to catch him forgetting!

What were you thinking the night before the wedding?

P: I was excited, looking forward to the day, seeing you in your dress, being with our friends and family….. going golfing

A: Yep there it is. Haha, if anyone needed proof that I was legit interviewing Pat, the golf comment confirms it. Also, I will add that the night before the wedding I didn’t even sleep! I wanted to but got into that horrible cycle of “if I fall asleep now, I will get this many hours” and the hours kept slipping away until it was MORNING!

Describe our wedding venue in three words

P: Nice, roomy, inexpensive

A: Haha, another very Patrick answer. For anyone wondering, we were married at Hazen Park Centre in Oromocto, and while it was “nice, roomy, and inexpensive” it was also beautiful, modern, and bright, gorgeous big windows with a view, great outdoor space, lots of parking… I fell in love as soon as I saw it! (I know that was way more than three words but I’m not the one being interviewed haha)

Favourite part of the wedding day?

P: Uhhh …the whole thing, the celebration…(of our love)

Least favourite part of the wedding day?

P: Waiting nervously as people were arriving, knowing the wedding was just about to happen and feeling so nervous that I was dizzy.

A: Meanwhile, I was in the back with a rum and coke

First thought when you saw me?

P: How really good you looked

A: …thanks

What surprised you about the day?

P: How smoothly things seemed to go, even though we pretty much winged it

A: Ok, winged it is a BIT of an exaggeration but… I mean ya, pretty much!

What was the funniest thing that happened?

P: When a friend (remaining nameless) offered to sing a Michael Buble song during the dance, but for (some reason) seemed to forget most of the words and mostly hummed the song

Favourite part about your outfit?

P: My shoes, and also how my suit fit and I didn’t look fat in pictures

A: So, should I say your “figure flattering suit”?

P: No, just say what I said

Moment you were the most nervous?

P: When you were coming down the aisle… no, that’s not true, it was when we were face to face for our vows

A: He literally told me under his breath during the ceremony “I’m so nervous”

Favourite wedding photo?

P: Any of the ones of me, you, and the kids

What part of the wedding did you plan?

P: The food

A: Pat is in charge of food, always.

Favourite item on the menu?

P: Well, I didn’t eat a whole lot because I was just feeling so excited. But out of the two items I did have, I liked the ribs the most

A: We had a local restaurant cater the event, The Back 6, owned by the same person as 540 Kitchen & Bar. Everyone told me the food was great, I don’t think I actually ate anything…oops

Memory that stands out?

P: When all four of us stood up for during our ceremony for our family commitment

A: Also my favourite memory, so special!

What would you have done differently?

P: Nope

A: Nope

What’s your advice for grooms-to-be?

P: Try to offer help as much as you can with planning, and just support your fiancé because let’s face it she’s probably doing most of the organizing and she’s probably stressed out!

How’s married life?

P: It’s pretty good, not much has changed, but ya, it’s good!

A: … I’m glad to hear this

What are you getting me for our anniversary?

P: My never-ending love… haha… can’t tell you

A: I tried!