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The Big Walk

OpinionBrittney TonerComment

Inspired by Father's Day, I wanted to write about the being walked down the aisle by my Dad.

Although traditionally, the reason a father walked his daughter down the aisle to be married was to hand over his property and essentially this was a business deal - times have changed!! Some brides choose to have both parents walk her down the aisle, or other "fatherly figures" that have been an influence in her life. Recent princess bride, Meghan Markle, chose to make a royal statement by walking herself down a portion of the grand aisle leading to her prince! So obviously, now, in the modern day of our Western world we have a CHOICE! We are choosing who will marry, choosing which traditions we want to include, choosing when and if we want to start familes, choosing and choosing and choosing ! How wonderful it is! 

I chose to have my Dad, and only my dad, walk me down the aisle. Not because I felt that I belonged to him and he was giving me to Patrick, but because my Dad has always been there for me by my side, guiding me - why should this situation be any different. He literally was there to GUIDE me down the aisle as my hands trembled my bouquet to pieces. 

Having Dad there to calm my nerves before we rounded the corner brought me back to every pep talk he gave me before a big soccer game, every time he reminded me that no matter how difficult calculus seemed - he would help me get there! Even if it meant taking the long way!

Dad has always known when to make things light and when to take things seriously, he puts me in my place and loves me no matter what. As I walked down the aisle to Patrick, I never thought about how things were going to "change" or be "different". Dad wasn't handing me over like "She's all yours now, byyyye!!!" he may joke that I'm Pat's problem now, but literally, I'm telling you guys, he called me "his little princess" two days ago! Soo, go ahead and tell me that he gave me away. 

I am all for women making their own choices and bending the rules of tradition, but when it came to who was walking me down the aisle, it was just no question for me! Who will walk you down the aisle?