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Vows that Wow

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I was inspired by our wedding tip shared this week on Instagram. The tip was to include some personal bits to your wedding vows and I love this idea!! (So much so that I did it myself!) I wanted to add that writing your OWN vows can seem a little daunting, but there are little tweaks you can make to an otherwise "basic" ceremony that can really add a personal touch that will be sure to bring tears to your friends and families eyes - which is #goals, amIright?

Like mentioned in the Instagram post, it's great to share memories or stories in your vows that more than just you and your partner share, this will connect individuals in the audience and bring a special level of intimacy to the ceremony! Mentioning a funny characteristic about your partner that everyone in at the ceremony can agree with (and laugh about) can be a nice way to keep things light too! 

During my ceremony, we included a line that went something like this:

"I promise to be patient with you...."

When I said the line back to Patrick, I said "I promise to CONTINUE to be patient with you..." Our friends and family let out a laugh, knowing Patrick and the way he is, ahem - ADHD -, they understood my little joke. It lightens the mood, and hearing the chuckles actually helped me relax too! 

If you have children, including them in your vows can also make the ceremony extra special and personal. We knew that we wanted to involve the kids in our ceremony so when we sat down with our officiant we included a "family commitment" in our vows. For this part, the kids joined us at the alter and Patrick and I made a commitment and a promise to Cole and Leni, just as we had to each other. For me, this was the most special part of our entire day, the feeling of love and support in the room was honestly overwhelming! It was so cool to include that really important part and to share it with all the people we love, and the people who have supported our little family over the years (through the good and the bad!). 

The main take-away here is that you have more control over your ceremony than you may think! Meeting with whoever it is that is going to officiate your wedding will be key to achieving the "feel" that you want! And maybe exactly what you want is to get up there say "I Do!" and get the heck out of being the center of attention, and if so you do exactly that! It's up to you and your partner and certainly you will make the perfect choice for you! 

Feel free to share with us your special plans for your ceremony! Anything unique? Or are you the type that just wants to say I do and run back down the aisle!?