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A Story of Give and Take: Wedding Decor Edition

Tips & TricksAshley RossignolComment

I saw them, and I needed to have them. My wedding could simply not go forward without them... but they came at a price, a price that would certainly send me over budget: Chiavari Chairs. I recall sitting with my decorator at our first consultation, running through ideas I had in mind. She encouraged me to spill my wildest wedding dreams and then we would funnel it all down into my budget. And when I say funnel, its more of a squish and squeeze of all my pinterest ideas over the past 6 months or more into a package that I could present to my Father as a "reasonable" cost for decor! Imagine when you are packing for a trip, and you think, well who knows what the weather will be like I will just pack multiple outfits for each day - and then there you are sitting on your suitcase pulling hard on the zipper just hoping it doesn't explode (yeah, just like that!) And I mean I needed it all done - because if you recall my DIY blog, you know I wasn't getting crafty.

So, with that being said there were things that I liked, things that I loved, things that I wanted and things that I needed. And I NEEDED Chiavari chairs! When you are sitting down with your decorator I would suggest doing the same that mine had me do; lay it all out there, start big and dreamy! They may have creative ideas for capturing exactly what you want, but saving you a bit on the budget along the way. It's all a bit of give and take, giving into a couple things you could live without to have the things you know you really want. In my case, I opted to skip table runners. This is not to say the examples shown to me WITH table runners weren't gorgeous, but we opted to extend some greenery on the table within my centrepiece and it made it work without the runner! Guests at my wedding didn't spend much time at their tables as we didn't have a formal sit down meal. Because of this we didn't do a large head table, only a small table for Patrick and I, which was another way we were able to save some cash! 

My advice would be just to take into consideration what your wedding will be like, if you are having a formal sit down meal perhaps you do want the more extravagant table settings, and you ease up a bit on the ceremony space. Ask yourself, where will the bulk of the day/night be spent? What is most important to you for your guest's experience? For your experience? Of course we are all coming of the high of the Royal Wedding, but umm did you hear the budget for that thing?!!?! However, there is no reason we can't all feel like the princess brides that we are! We just have to reign (see what I did there?) in our ideas, and do a little work to source out the best options! THANKFULLY, you have your LOCALLY SOURCED, MADE FOR YOU Weddings NB magazine to help with that! 

What decor idea/item do you NEED at your wedding? And which are you willing to let go, only to live on your Pinterest board!? Let us know! 

xo Ashley