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A Tribute to all the DIY’s I DI-Didn’t Do

DIYAshley RossignolComment

I was a bride with a Pinterest page and a plan, much like many of you, I’m sure! So many DIY’s that looked so simple even I (crafty in mind and soul, but not skill) could do them! I excitedly texted my best friend screen shots of all the projects we could tackle together over the months leading to my big day. And like the good friend that she is, she was totally backing me up, “YAASS, Ashley! I love that! Goes perfectly with your theme!!” perhaps she knew all along the truth behind my crafty ambitions – it wasn’t going to happen.

The odds were somewhat stacked against me, I had a newborn and a toddler and was learning quickly that maternity leave did not equal “vacation”. We had also decided to place our house on the market and the showings were proving to be frequent and abundant. Each weekend presented the perfect opportunity to DIY but then next thing I knew that weekend had passed without even unpacking a glue gun or that bundle of artificial greenery. As my wedding date drew closer and closer, and the stress of my unfinished art projects mounted, I had to ask myself the most important question for any bride-to-be....

“What is the WHY in my DIY?” Yes, I know the “Y” in the acronym is “yourself”, but I’m saying W-H-Y, WHY?

WHY are you feverishly pinning 100’s of how to’s on creating your own flawless centerpieces, favours, signs, candles, husbands, whatever, whatever, whatever – DID YOU KNOW THERE ARE PROFESSIONALS FOR THIS?

Ok, so you have probably guessed by now my choice in the end was to never borrow my mother’s glue gun. Ultimately, I chose to forgo the plan to construct my own geometric shapes for the benefit of my own sanity, and rented them from my decorator (Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh) <-- that was my massive sigh of relief. I had also decided that instead of scouring the city for that *perfect* cardholder, I again would leave that to the decorator to bring along. Motivated by the soundtrack of Frozen (on repeat for some time during my maternity “vaction”) I chose to “Let It Go”, and accept that this sh*t just was. not. going. to. happen.

Brides who DIY – wow though, like, I am applauding you. Maybe you just had more time than me, maybe you had less time (but more discipline). Maybe you buckled down with your DIY because the money saved was going to be used for something else. Maybe, crafts are just your thing and you love them and I should have come to you with my dreams and supplies. My point is, you had a WHY behind your DIY that served as the motivation you needed to get. it. done. 

Share your favorite DIY! And please if you had any DIY fails… I gotta see ‘em!


Xo Ashley