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Wedding Season is Upon Us!

Brittney Toner

I’m feeling particularly inspired by these warmer temps, the birds chirping, the snow melting... the mud... ok the more I write about it the less appealing it seems, but the point is Spring is here! And as we wait for things to, uhh dry up, we can begin to think about the greatest season of all; (Summer) Wedding Season! Now, I realize there are some winter wedding couples, then we have the ever-popular Fall weddings - but Summer is what those in the “wedding biz” would refer to as “peak” season. If you are planning a summer wedding you have had some stuff booked for some time now which only adds to the anticipation of your Big Day! Here are some tips as we head into Wedding season, whether this is YOUR year, you are a bridesmaid, or if you have a serious line up of Weddings this summer by the looks of all the invites/save the dates that are stuck to your fridge.

 Tip one: Spring Clean!! What does the annual spring cleaning have to do with Wedding Season?? Well, this is a great way to take an inventory on some potential wedding related items. DO you have a dress for so and so’s nuptials? Could these classic heels work for your something old? Your blender has seen it’s day, lets add a new one to the registry! Why is this old spinach still in the back of my fridge? You see? Spring cleaning can be so helpful !

 Tip two: Wedding Savings!! Whether its YOURS, you are in one, or you are a guest to one, weddings can sometimes can pull at a little more than just your heart strings (I’m talking purse strings). If you know you have a jam-packed schedule of weddings this summer, consider putting aside a little bit of cash each week or two so you have the money set aside. Forgo your daily latte in the spirit of (extra $$ for the cash bar) your friend’s eternal love! <3

 Tip three: Respond to Save the dates/invites etc. If you have been the one behind sending out these little cards then you KNOW you were looking for some prompt responses! Brides: if you haven’t heard back yet, send out a little reminder – bonus tip: keep it light with use of emojis

 “Hey Friend! Just wanted to send you a little reminder to respond to my invite!! Thanks!! :) :P ;)"

 See? Totally fun! And guests, perhaps it seems like every day you check the mail and there is another invite but hey, that’s so flattering you are such an in demand guest!! So, RSVP!

 Tip four:  Go for a walk (outdoors). Winter is behind us, we can go outside again without the air bringing pain to any bit of exposed skin! So, get outside, breathe some fresh air, feel that sunshine, dodge mud puddles. You can take the time to listen to some music and start thinking about your wedding playlist! And, it’s exercise! Cause we all told the seamstress we are going to lose those 5 extra pounds, amIright?!

Please share with us, what are you doing this Spring to help you prepare for the upcoming Wedding Season? Any DIY’ers getting crafty? I’ll be sharing my personal experience with DIY’s next week !! 


xo Ashley