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Hey Mr. DJ, Turn The Music Up

Tips & TricksAshley RossignolComment

When you are planning a wedding you are faced with a lot of choices, probably the most amount of choices you will ever be presented with in your lifetime. Decisions need to be made all the time and, if you are like me, that can be very overwhelming. You need to choose a venue, decor themes, flowers, a dress, table runners, backdrops, photographer, food, and the dreaded guest list (your mom needs you to invite your third cousin you met once as an infant) And although I am pretty terrible with most all decisions, something I struggled with that kind of surprised me was deciding on the kind of music I wanted. I am not talking about the reception music, that was easy - give me dance beats all night long! I am talking about the like SEVERAL songs you need to choose for all the different "parts" of your ceremony. There is a song when guests are being seated, a song for when the groomsman walk in, a song for the bridesmaids, a song for the bride, a song for when you are signing the marriage paperwork, a song for your exit... This was a poor decision maker's worst nightmare, and I am not even touching on the FIRST DANCE, and father daughter dance because that is just a whole other blog... BUT having had this experience now, and living to tell about it, I am willing to share with you a few tips that helped me through! 

Tip One: Figure out your wedding "vibe": Is your ceremony going to be light and fun? are you hoping for something deep and romantic that is sure to bring your guests to tears? You have to figure out what you want the feeling to be like. 

Tip Two: Check out the lyrics: Pinterest or other wedding sites have long lists of songs that work for wedding ceremonies. But even if you know the song, you have heard it before, just check out the lyrics. Sometimes when we are singing along in our car (and perhaps making up our own lyrics to fill in parts we don't know...) we miss what the song is really about, or don't mind certain language that perhaps might offend Nana.

Tip Three: Consider instrumental versions: You can find almost any song you can think of in an instrumental version. When you use these versions there are a couple advantages, for one you don't have to consider tip two, and if you aren't using the full track to say, come down the aisle, when the song fades or cuts out, its not mid-lyric - which can sometimes sound a bit awkward.

Tip Four: Involve your partner!: Make a date night out of it! Pour a couple glasses of wine and listen to some tunes! Everyone may not have an opinion on flowers, but we can all make comments on music! 

Tip Five: RELAX: Picking all this music does seem a bit daunting, but I have yet to run into someone who has attended a wedding and said "umm... how horrible was that ceremony music???" Your guests are there to marvel at your love, not to critique which song played as you signed your marriage documents !! And if you do have guests who complained about that, you didn't spend enough time on the guest list! Your ceremony music is all about you and the person you are marrying so just have fun with it! 

xo Ashley