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Wedding Planning - Saturday Sick Day

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My plan for the blog this week was going to be a beautiful photo blog, featuring photos taken by yours truly, as I enjoyed the Weddings NB Gala (which I’m sure many of you did this weekend!). Unfortunately, fate had other plans and I spent Saturday, my first Saturday of my vacation BTW, on my couch, coughing up green sludge that looked like baby Flubbers (you’re welcome for that visual). Well my sick day has inspired the following.

One of the oh-so-wonderful things about wedding planning is that it waits for no man (or woman). Your wedding date is looming over you no matter what you’ve got going on in your life. Here is a list of things you can do from your couch or bed if you find yourself home on a sick day.

1) Catch Up On Your Wedding Shows

One benefit of being sick on Saturday is that TLC runs Four Weddings and SYTTD on an endless loop. Really though, you can find wedding shows on any day of the week. They even have them on Netflix now. So sit back, relax, and soak up some wedding inspiration through your medicated haze.


2) Work On Some DIY Projects

There are many little things you can do that take relatively little effort, but add a very personal touch to your wedding. These little touches can be time consuming though, so if you’re stuck at home, why not knock some of these off your list. You can label seating cards, address envelopes, pre-write thank you cards (yes, that’s a thing).  I made one DIY that involved cutting out thousands of pape8r hearts. These are the types of perfect mindless tasks you need on a sick day. Plus, it’s going to be hilarious when you pass out and your spouse walks in on you, asleep, surrounded by wedding crafts. It’s a meme waiting to happen.


3) Drink Lots Of Water

You needs lots of fluids when you’re sick but it has added benefits that you can use to your advantage. Drinking water helps eliminate bloat by ridding your body of extra salt. We could all use a little less bloat. It also helps give you clear and glowing skin. Picture perfect.

4) Catch Up On Sleep

Not only do you need sleep when you’re sick, you need sleep when you’re wedding planning. We all know wedding planning results in many sleepless nights. In fact, that’s probably one of the reasons you got sick in the first place. Take this time to rest, relax, and regroup. You won’t regret it.

I’m going to take my own advice and rest up myself!


Please post your pics of the wedding gala so I can feel like I was there!!! Share them with us on Facebook or @Weddingsnb on Instagram.

Mrs. Hannah Chalifoux