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Meet Ashley!

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Hey Everyone! My name is Ashley Rossignol! I will be taking on the role of Wedding NB's weekly blogs for the next 6 months and couldn't be more excited! Figuratively speaking, Hannah left me with some pretty big shoes to fill, but you are all in luck because figuratively speaking, I have big feet! - ok, ok also literally....

For my very first post I thought it would be a good idea to say hello, introduce myself, and share some things with you about myself - SO, without further adieu, here are 5 possibly interesting, possibly boring, facts about me!

1. I am "newly-ish" wed.

 My wedding was last summer on July 15th. I married Patrick, a man that drives me crazy in more ways than one - but thankfully, mostly it's crazy in love. Patrick and I met over 5 years ago at a Christmas party. Although we both grew up in Fredericton, we never crossed paths until that night and I will be forever grateful that we did!

2. I am a mother of two.

 I have a 5 year old son, Cole, who's sole purpose in life is to test my limits and also to make my heart feel as though it could explode with the love I have for him. He is too smart, an expert level negotiator but also the most sensitive and caring little person, whom I am so, so proud to say is mine! Then I have my little Leni girl, she will be 2 in May. Leni is my blue-eyed, curly haired ray of sunshine. She is so fun and silly, loves to laugh, and make people laugh. Everyday I am literally in awe of her and the light she brings to every room and every person who meets her. Kids make everything wonderful (and difficult) and special! 

3. I have 3 choice, because I love them all.

 My full-time job is as a Neurofeedback Technician at MindShift Clinic in Fredericton. Here, I work with people from all walks of life looking to improve their mental and emotional wellness. This is my career and I love what I do, my goal is to return to school in the future and complete my M.Ed in Counselling! Next, I am a prenatal educator with a Doula Agency called Elm City Doulas. I teach private and group classes, I hope that this is something I can always do as I am so passionate about women having all the knowledge they need to go into their labour and birth feeling as confident as they can! And finally, Weddings NB! I stumbled upon this opportunity on instagram! I was in the middle of planning my own wedding and saw a post looking for writers. I have always enjoyed writing and thought hey, why not? I submitted some blogs I’ve written for other organizations and heard back from Weddings NB a while later! I was so excited for this opportunity and enjoy writing for the magazine and for being able to keep my toes in the wedding water even after my own has passed!! (Don’t remove Say Yes to the Dress from the PVR just yet, sweetie!) 

4. My guilty pleasure is The Bachelor.

 Ok, I’m obsessed and get completely sucked in every season - even when the bachelor himself is a total snore - looking at you, Arie. My BFF and I get together every Monday night during the season, pig out aggressively on chips and dip and critically analyze who has the best “connection” with the man dating 15+ other women... I get heavily invested. #bachelornation

5. I’ll wrap this up with a 5th fact because you just can’t leave a list at 4. I’m a low key hoarder.

Like not TLC special bad or anything but like... I for sure have a hard time letting go of things. Clothes - what if it comes back in style?!, cards - someone picked that hallmark out especially for me!, all mail ever - this I can’t justify... I have a box of notes from middle school that I can’t part with and a pile of beauty products I just *might* need someday. I’m not proud of this and I feel like removing some of these things might help clear my head but this is just a facts about me post not and intervention so please, just leave me to my junk drawer !!!! I know you all have one!!!! 

So, that’s a little peak at me, the girl you’ll be spending the next 6 months with! I’ve got a list of ideas I’m excited to write about and share with you all! Back to my SYTTD marathon !

xo Ashley