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Like so many New Brunswickers, this week I spent an enjoyable snow day (or two!) at home, catching up on cleaning and reading. In case you haven’t heard, Weddings New Brunswick debuted their premier issue -pun intended!!! Spoiler alert, I’ve got the inside scoop on all the wonder these beautiful ladies have to offer.



These articles offer tons of tricks for everything you could want to start off, or complete, your wedding planning. From party planning (ps there are a lot of parties that revolve around your wedding), to your perfect wedding theme, our writer Ashley gives fun yet illuminating insight. Don’t forget to get styling with Dedreanna. Bride or groom, she has your needs covered to help you look your best on the big day, including input from real NB industry insiders. Dedreanna is a fellow blogger. Check out her take on writing for the magazine on her blog- Adventures At Home. She also has your back with tips n tricks to booking the Big 5 for your Big Day. Look closely and you might even see an article or two from yours truly.


Real Vendors

Okay, one of the best parts about having a local wedding magazine is that you can ACTUALLY use it! There’s nothing worse than finding your dream dress that you can't actually buy BECAUSE THE MAGAZINE IS FROM THE US! Deep breath. I’m okay. I’m okay. This magazine is full of real vendors you can ACTUALLY use for your big day. Anything you could want to book, a vendor in your category is there to make your day the best it can be.

Real New Brunswickers

This part made my life. I legit saw someone I know in the magazine (other than myself obvi). Have you ever dreamed of being a model in a magazine?? Dreams DO come true! I honestly cannot believe these are real people and not models, they are all stunning. The pictures from the DIY weddings are straight from HGTV. I swear. PS. I totally wasn’t jealous FYI. 


**If you haven’t picked up your copy yet you have no idea what you’re missing. Okay, well maybe some idea thanks to this spoiler but trust me when I say I cannot do it justice. Start to finish the magazine is stunning. It literally has everything you’ve ever wanted in a magazine (including a wedding planner) and it’s all relevant to NB!


What was your favorite part of the magazine? What do you want to see in the next issue? Join in the conversation! Check out, and comment on, the blog on the Weddings New Brunswick Facebook page.

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