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Top Five Reasons I’m NOT Selling My Wedding Dress

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  1. Its value only increases with time

  2. I’ll absolutely wear it again

  3. It barely takes up any room

  4. I don’t wanna

  5. You can’t make me

See, you can barely tell it’s there.


Okay though, in all seriousness, despite these five very effective arguments, I am well aware keeping my dress seems crazy. I just cant help it! I love my dress sooooo hard. It is a super, epic, ball gown with,  I swear, a six foot train. I mean I’m not that good with measurements but it’s six ft if it’s a cm, trust me. I cannot bear to part with it. I watch my friends try to sell their dresses on kijiji and it kills me. They’re selling them for a fraction of the price they paid and still nobody wants it. My dress can’t stand that type of rejection!! It’s not good for her self esteem. Plus, she was with me on one of the most important days of my life. I wouldn't sell my husband. Well… No, no, I wouldn't, and I can’t sell my dress either! She supported me (literally) on the Big Day and I will support her too.



So, until my dress gets an offer that represents her inner beauty and worth, she's staying in my closet.

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Mrs. Hannah Chalifoux