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Flashback Friday - Style The Bride

Flashback FridayBrittney TonerComment

Today we’re flashing back to another article from issue 1! This is Style The Bride, By Dedreanna Drost.

From the moment you got engaged, chances are you started picturing what you’ll look like on your wedding day. I had the pleasure of speaking with several professionals in the bridal and beauty industry to bring you information on current styles and trends to help you rock your bridal look. 

I spoke with Jessica Smith, owner of Bella Promessa Bridal and Formal Wear in Moncton. She has been working in the bridal industry for 8 years, 5 as the owner of Bella Promessa. 

Speaking with Smith made me want to go wedding dress shopping and get married all over again!

For current trends, she says, “Lace is still very much the go to for most brides. We’re slowly starting to move away from the fitted dresses and into a more bohemian flowy style. Sleeves are becoming a very popular thing as well!” 

Photo By Ashley Marie Photography

Photo By Ashley Marie Photography

Gone at the days where a bride is expected to wear white. There are so many other fun options to choose from now. “White dresses are definitely on their way out. We’re seeing so much colour now (champagne, antique, latte, blush, etc) and are now ordering much fewer white and ivory gowns.  I love seeing that slight pop of colour. It really makes the details on the dresses stand out that much more!” 

Looking ahead to 2018, she says, “The new style we’ve been loving for 2018 is the fitted dress with a flowy overlay. It’s like the best of both worlds combined. You can see a beautiful fitted silhouette and then have just one layer of flowy tulle overtop to give it that extra romantic vibe. We’re in love!” 

Photo By Ashley Marie Photography

Photo By Ashley Marie Photography

Smith says her favourite part of owning Bella Promessa is getting to help brides find their perfect gown. 

“The feeling of helping someone say ‘yes’ never ever gets old. It’s still just as exciting 8 years later as it was on day one! I love making that connection with the bride and hearing about all the details of her wedding. I may be biased, but I’m pretty sure I have the best job in the world! Every day I pinch myself and question how I got so lucky. I love meeting all my brides!”

Her passion and experience are evident, and any bride would be very well taken care of at Bella Promessa! 

Rose Dionne is a hairstylist at Sereno Hair and Body Care in Moncton. She loves working with bridal parties because of the happiness and excitement that radiates from the group. For current trends, she is seeing many requests for soft romantic up-dos. If you aren’t sure what you want, she recommends having a trial with your stylist. “A trial is necessary because it gives the stylist an idea of what you want and if it’s possible to achieve with your hair texture.  A trial also gives the bride the vision of what it will look like, so she can make sure that it’s the up-do she wants. One month before the wedding is perfect timing for a trial.” When it comes to color, Rose is seeing a lot of natural looking, sun kissed hair. If you’re planning on refreshing your color before the wedding, she says that one week before the wedding is a great time to do that.

Abigail Taylor is a makeup artist and owner of ALT Beautique in Woodstock. Her passion for makeup was evident during our conversation, as she described her earliest memories of playing with makeup. “I learned to do makeup at a young age, on the bathroom counter. I would be mesmerized watching my mother do her makeup and would sneak into her makeup drawer and play with her makeup every chance I got.” Abigail took that passion and made it a career. She studied at the Atlantic Hairstyling and Aesthetics Academy where she completed The Art of Makeup program. 

She says the majority of brides want to look like themselves on their wedding day. “Enhancing natural beauty is what I love doing the most. Playing up a bride’s favorite features is a must! Confidence exudes beauty!”  As for a makeup trial, she says “I always suggest that the trial is done within a month from the wedding. Our skin can change so much (stress, diet, weather, etc.) that if it is done too soon the products that may have worked in the past may not be the best options in the present. ”If you’re planning on bringing items to touch up your makeup throughout the day, she recommends long wear lipstick, along with setting powder and blotting pads to control oil. 

If you’re looking for a little extra glam for your wedding day look, you may be interested in eyelash extensions! I spoke with Fredericton lash expert and technician, Sudon Daigle, to get some insight on current eyelash trends. She has been doing lashes for over 5 years and is certified and insured. She describes the extensions as “synthetic or natural fibers designed in the shape of lashes, which are glued directly onto your lash. They come in different lengths, curls and thickness. There are synthetic, mink, silk, flat ellipse and Russian styles to choose from. 

Sudon says, “Brides make up a large part of my clientele, so I offer a free detailed lash consultation, a free lash trial for brides who might have concerns regarding sensitive eyes or allergies, and I custom design the lash application to best suit and compliment the bride’s lashes, as well as the look she wants.” 

She recommends a trial to brides who may have allergies or issues with dry or sensitive eyes, and offers medical grade hypoallergenic glue to those who need it.  In comparison to glue on strip lashes, she says, “Lash extensions offer a longer lasting option for brides to enjoy from the bachelorette to the honeymoon and longer if they want. The lashes I offer are very light and waterproof so most brides don’t feel them. The strip lashes are awkward and heavy feeling. They don’t always stay on for the full event and some brides can be allergic to the glue.”

 If you’re worried that lash extensions might ruin your natural lashes, Sudon says, “that’s a myth, as long as you’re going to a professional”. She stresses the importance of finding someone who is insured, certified, registered under the Aesthetics Association, and has at least 6 months experience.

Last but certainly not least, let’s talk about nails! Jamie Lea Hudson has been doing nails for over 12 years. She is a licensed esthetician the owner and operator of The Beauty Expert in Fredericton. For current trends she says, “I'm seeing a very soft look. Light pinks, nudes, subtle glitter either as an accent or faded onto each nail in an ombré effect.” As for trends that are on the way out, she says, “the French nail trend has been on its way out for a while now. For the better part of 20 years it was the go-to look but now there are so many other options. I don't think French will ever completely go away but it's definitely not what I'd consider on trend right now.” When asked about a nail trial, she said, “it’s really not necessary. I usually like to get an idea ahead of time of the type of look she's going for. Pinterest has been a huge game changer in this regard. Most people come in with a few pictures or at least an idea of what she has pictured for her nails got the big day.”

From head to toe, no matter what look you go with, remember to have fun, enjoy the process, and know that you will look absolutely amazing on your big day.