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The Top Three Reasons You Need a Honeymoon, Like Yesterday

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1. You’ve just survived one of the most stressful ordeals of your life- you deserve a vacation. 

Have I mentioned yet that wedding planning sucks? Hard. If you take one thing away from reading my blog, please let it be that you are not a horrible person for hating every second of planning your wedding. It doesn’t mean you don’t want to be with your spouse and get married. Wedding planning takes a very particular set of skills and there is nothing in your life that prepares you to feed and entertain a mass of your harshest critics. (If you don’t consider your family your harshest critics than please stop reading, we will never relate to one another.) There’s a reason you can pay other people thousands of dollars to put together the show, okay? Anyways, you’ve earned a vacation just by the mere fact that you survived (let alone showed up looking amazingly flawless and didn’t tell grandma where to go and how to get there). Take the vacation. Rant over.

 2. You won’t have a better opportunity to be alone with your HUSBAND/SPOUSE .

 That’s right, not fiancé anymore! Even if you’ve lived together for, oh I don’t know… six years, we all know how it goes. It’s not often you actually get one on one time together. Life gets in the way. You deserve time, just the two of you, with nothing to do but spend time together. On my honeymoon we watched Disney movies together for an entire afternoon. When's the last time you actually watched a Disney movie? Or any movie?? Not as background noise. Not while checking emails or social media. When's the last time you sat in the arms of the person you love and focused only on what’s in front of you and the moment you’re in? You both need this. You both deserve this.

3. You can afford it

I get it. Your wedding was killer expensive.  That’s on top of the fact that life, in general, is expensive. I also get that you want a fairy tale honeymoon to go with your exquisite wedding. It doesn’t matter if you vacation in France for a week or pitch a tent in your living room (tehehe I can laugh at that pun cause I’m married now). All that matters is having some time together. It doesn't have to be expensive. It just has to be quality time. Ps we all know you gots some money from ya guests. What ya gonna do? Invest? Don’t make me laugh. We all know we're not that financially responsible. If you were you wouldn’t have a wedding, because weddings don’t actually fit in any budget. No matter how hard you try. Plus, if you adult that hard than chances are you already have some money. Spend your money on what matters. Either way, you need  a honeymoon. Make it work.

I can honestly say my honeymoon was the best time of my life. It wasn’t because it was extravagant. It wasn’t because I hate my family and couldn’t wait to get away from them (haha insert awkward- not sure if we're joking- laugh here). It WAS because I got to spend time with my husband. Nothing was better than just being together, even watching Disney movies, eating ALL the food (oh how I missed you food), or just doing nothing at all. Totally worth it.

Mrs. Hannah Chalifoux