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Top Things I Wasn’t Sure About - But I'm Glad I Went For

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The Veil

 I wasn’t sure about the veil. I mean do people still do those? I bought mine cheap on Amazon but went back and forth about it several times. I thought, no, it’s slightly the wrong color. Then I decided to rock it anyways. Then no, it wouldn’t stay in my hair. Then several thousand bobbie pins later, I (thankfully) went for it. I loved it. It was literally picture perfect. It made me feel like a bride and I loved using in to wrangle my nieces and nephews. I loved everything about it.



We had our wedding later in the day and didn’t plan on having a lot of food. In the end we ordered extra and I’m glad we did. There's nothing people love more than eating and drinking (other than celebrating your big day of course- duh, that went without saying…uh… almost). Everything else about the wedding can suck but if tummies are full, people are happy. Conversely, your wedding can be amazing but if people are hungry, they’re not happy. Or worse… they’re hangry.


The First Look

If you don’t know yet exactly how much I loved it, scroll down, I wrote an entire blog about it. By the end of the ceremony I was very tired. There’s no way I could have endured another two hours of photos. I just wanted to spend time with my husband, our friends, and family. I did NOT want anymore pics. That’s how pictures get “dead eyes”. Im very happy we did our pictures beforehand.


Alone Time With My Spouse

I had read a lot of articles that talked about having alone time on your wedding day and I really bought into it. Alone time literally consisted of sitting together and doing nothing (sorry to disappoint) but it was so worth It, just to have five minutes to relax. We sat together after the first look, but before the ceremony, and after the ceremony, but before the reception. It was literally just five minutes but it was very needed.

Alright clearly we were not alone in this photo but we look happy and relaxed, the way we were when alone. As opposed to…

Alright clearly we were not alone in this photo but we look happy and relaxed, the way we were when alone. As opposed to…


Have you taken the plunge? What were your favorite splurges on your day? Is your day yet to come? What are you most looking forward to (other than actually being married of course!)? Join in the conversation! Follow us on Facebook and comment on the blog link. Don’t forget to pick up your own personal copy of Weddings New Brunswick, in stores near you!!!

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