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The Week Before The Wedding- A Photo Blog

Hannah Chalifoux

 Writing Thank You Cards (Vendor Edition)


Hair Trials (Special Thanks to Stephanie Scissorhands of Moncton for fitting us in and saving the day!!)


Beauty Treatments ( don't try anything new the week of your Wedding!)




Spa Day ( Much Needed)



Well this week was a whirlwind. I can promise you at least one thing about the final week… THINGS WILL GO WRONG! What you don’t see in these pictures is; missing or faulty decorations, non-stick tape (come on tape – you had one job!), weather, family drama, and a metric ton of foundation to cover up the bags under my eyes from the literal hours of crying. Real talk: wedding planning sucks hard. 

What you also don’t see is; two families coming together to help each other, wedding vendors working hard to fill in the gaps, and a very supportive future husband pausing his (also busy) life, to listen to me cry.  

For everything that will go wrong (and oh things WILL go wrong), there will be an equally weighted, if not scale tipping, wonderful thing that will go so very right. By the time you read this, one way or another, I will be happily married. So through all the stress and the drama, remember what you’re doing it all for. You've got this.

(Mrs.) Hannah Chalifoux