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Wedding Décor 101

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When planning a wedding there is a lot to consider and it’s hard to know where to start. Welcome to wedding décor 101; top 5 ways to narrow down your wedding look.

1. Pick Your Colours

This will help narrow down your vision. Traditionally you pick two complimentary colors and a neutral. These colors will encompass your flowers , table settings, backdrops, etc. Essentially they’re a jumping off point for your décor. Make sure you pick a color you and your fiancé like. You may LOVE pink but you don’t want your fiancé to feel uncomfortable with a pink tie and shoes if that’s not his thing. You probably also don’t want your entire décor to be based off the colors of His favorite brewery either, so make sure it’s something that speaks to you both. I chose pink and teal.


2. Theme

Yes, weddings have a theme. They can be anything. From Montreal Canadians  (I'm sorry but barf) to books. Again choose something that speaks to you both. Make sure your theme isn’t too broad as it can easily get away from you and become too much. Your “Romance” theme can easily become “Disney Barfed On My Wedding” themed. Pinterest will be your best friend (or worst enemy- it can be a bit much if you don’t follow the first two tips). My theme was “Vintage Romance" and I narrowed it down to lace and pearls.  

3. Vision Board


4. The Little Things

From here, there are a few main items that make your venue pop. The first is a centre piece. The basic building blocks are usually a base, table number, lighting, and a themed item. For example, I had a frame (base), heart-shaped table number holder, a candelabra (lighting), and then vintage hardcovers and teacups (theme). There are many ways to go. Mirrors. Floating candles. Flowers. As long as you follow those four tips, you’ve got your bases covered. From there the other basics include cake table (self explanatory), and gift/entrance table which includes the guest book and card box. Make your theme cohesive by incorporating some of the same or similar items as your center pieces with one or two extra touches.


5. The Bigger Items

Finally there are the bigger items like the photo booth (not needed but so hott right now), backdrops, arches, etc. Check with your venue to see what they already have and what you need to pick up. Then stick to your colors and theme and you'll be all set.


Less Is More

This is really the best advice I can give. You’ll go through a phase where you’ll just want to buy literally everything in your wedding colors. 25 candles. Backdrops for literally ALL the walls. Stickers. Yarn! You may laugh but IT WILL HAPPEN! Narrow. Narrow. Narrow. It will save your look from being cluttered. It will save your budget. It may even save your marriage! Okay, that one was overkill, but you get the idea. Less is more.

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