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This message is for all the people selling their used items or who plan to sell their items. It’s time to establish worth.

Purchased decorations 

I’m so sorry to be the bearer of bad news but used wedding items usually go for about half the purchase price. Don’t kill the messenger! Think of it from the other side, why would someone pay full price for an item that has already been used? Why would they buy your item when they can go to the store and get the same thing for the same price themselves? It may suck but if you keep this in mind when purchasing your decorations it might help you narrow down your purchases and only buy things you deem worthy of losing 50 percent of their cost.


The Wedding Dress

Have you ever heard the saying that a new car loses the majority of its value as soon as it’s driven off the lot? I’m sad to say the same goes for a wedding dress! Again, a used dress usually sells for half its original price. You can help your dress retain its value by having it dry cleaned. Bonus, buying a used dress actually helps! If a dress is worth half of its ORIGINAL value and you bought it used, than you may be able to sell it for close to what you paid. See, being thrifty saves you in more ways than one!


DIY Decorations

You may need to be a mathematician for this one! First, find out what your time is worth. Take minimum wage. Then, cut it in half again, because we all know you were watching tv or drinking wine while making these decs. Divide that number by 60 and that’s the value per minute. Take that number times the minutes it took you to make your DIY.  Now take what you spent on materials, and cut it in half because it’s used. Add the two numbers together and that’s the value of your DIY. Does anyone have a calculator? Some paper? If your items are worth more to you than this, than maybe Etsy is more your audience than Kijiji or buy/sell/find groups.


Value is determined by the buyer

All that being said, the value of your item is determined by the person buying it AND the person selling it. Do you just really want to get rid of your stuff so you can have your spare bedroom back? Let it go for less. Is your time worth more to you than 5 dollars an hour? Do you have a storage closet that would put The Real Housewives to shame? Store your stuff and wait for the right buyer (write firm next to the price in your item listing). Whenever I sell things online I list the price as more than I hope to get in order to attract the right buyer for my items. You never know. Maybe your items are EXACTLY what a certain someone is looking for. Or maybe it’s time to let your leftovers go. At least you got a good deal on your spouse!

Hannah Lord
(Not so DIY bride)