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Say Yes to the BRIDESMAIDS Dress

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Picking out your wedding dress is hard. Well picking out your bridesmaids’ dresses can be just as hard if not harder! You have been dreaming of your ideal dress your whole life but rarely does a bride fantasize about her friends' dresses. Plus, it’s hard to keep that many women happy (just ask Jude Law)! When setting out on your shopping adventure, just remember, your big day is a big day for your bridesmaids too!


It’s important to pick a style that matches with your theme and season. Are you getting married in the summer? Then you may want to pick a short dress. Are you getting married in the winter? Then you will want to pick a longer dress. Maybe you even need a coat or shawl to go with it. My theme is vintage Romance. So I wanted to pick something that featured lace and let my girls decide on the rest. It’s up to you what style you pick. Well... up to you and your bridesmaids that is!


Again, the color should match your wedding colors and theme. I let my bridesmaids choose between pink and teal which were my wedding colors. It’s important to give your ladies (or gents) choice and make them feel validated. They are spending a lot of money on your day and you want them to remain your friends after the big occasion. Plus, your wedding photos are immortalizing them too after all.


“This group is such a stone cold pack of weirdos and I couldn’t be more proud”-Lillian (Bridesmaids)

“This group is such a stone cold pack of weirdos and I couldn’t be more proud”-Lillian (Bridesmaids)

Speaking of bridesmaids, it’s important to pick a dress that they will like. You want to look amazing, well they do too! Nobody wants to look trashy on your wedding day. Pick a dress that is flattering for them. It is ideal to give them a variety of dresses to choose from. You can have your maid of honor wear the same color as your bridesmaids or a different color, it’s up to you.

Chavah Designs- #girlboss

One of the benefits of planning my own wedding, while writing for a wedding magazine, is that I get to explore all the local talent. As most of you know, I love the -insertlocalnamehere- wedding buy sell and find groups. It was in one of these such groups that I found the fabulous Chavah designs. I had asked for recommendations for bridesmaids’ dresses and MULTIPLE people in MULTIPLE groups raved about Chavah. So I did what I am most known for, I stalked her on social media. How else do you find people these days? A phone book?? I was thrilled with what I discovered. I messaged her on Facebook and quickly set up a meeting.


Girls’ Trip!

My girls and I set out on a day trip to Saint John. We planned a day of shopping and eating- every girl’s greatest dream. We got to Saint John and were warmly greeted by Chavah. I had never considered getting custom dresses before and I didn’t know what to expect. I am so happy with my choice and would never turn go back to store bought. #YouFancy #sorrynotsorry

My personal goal was to NOT be a bridezilla. I wanted my girls to feel like their opinion mattered. I told them they could pick whatever they wanted (within reason). My favorite part about Chavah was that she let the girls express themselves but stayed true to my vision. I told her the color palette I wanted to stay in and the materials I wanted to use. My girls told her their personal style and what they felt comfortable wearing. She pulled out some Jedi Mind Tricks and made all of us very happy. My girls loved her because they all felt comfortable in her dresses; they were very flattering. When my girls are happy I’m happy! Happy wife happy life. Well, happy bridesmaid happy wife!

Heidi Klum eat your heart out. Chavah design has Project Bridesmaid in the bag.

Heidi Klum eat your heart out. Chavah design has Project Bridesmaid in the bag.


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