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Are you a super savvy writer and/or blogger who loves love and embodies loads of personality with every sentence you produce? - If your answer is yes you may be the perfect addition to our creative team!

We are looking for writers who can produce articles, feature stories, and aditorials to give our readers the most information we can, as well as, connect with them in a way only their bestie can! A great connection to our readers to keep them engaged and soaking up all the information they can to make their wedding planning processes as easy as possible is key. >> If this sounds like a position you'll love - keep on reading! <<

A key component for being a part of our creative team is knowing you're a self-motivated individual who is excellent at meeting deadlines and up for freelance article writing gigs. Okay you smooth writing machine - Now it is your time to shine by emailing us your resume along with a short Wedding themed article! The deadline is June 15th so get that self-motivated booty in gear by sprucing up your resume and get your creative juices flowing creating a badass wedding themed article.

-Ashley Ketch