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Wedding Weight Loss (Part 2)

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The wedding weight loss article has been the most popular on the blog so far. Thanks for the love y’all! So often when we think of a healthy lifestyle we think of all the things we can’t do. Well that vein has inspired this article. Again, I’m no expert, I’m just someone who totally gets how hard it can be to lose weight and how much pressure is on you during your wedding planning. I’ve found some mild success ( 15 pounds n counting whoop whoop) and am happy to share! Here are all the stereotypical things people think they need to do to be healthy, that I do not do. So, without further ado..

Wedding Weight Loss “don’t” don'ts

I DON’T live at the gym

I do something I call armchair athletics. I lift weights while watching tv. No joke. I also go to yoga (mostly for my anger management) because I think it’s fun. I do not exercise for hours a day, everyday (um I have a job, and a life yo') and I’m still losing weight.

I DON'T avoid carbs

Okay it’s not like I carb load or anything but if I want a sandwich I’ll eat a freaking sandwich and I don’t feel guilty. I count my calories, eat lots of protein n veggies, and yes I eat carbs too. I usually eat 15 grams of carb per meal if not more.

I DON’T starve myself

Like at all. I actually eat every 2-3 hours. No joke. It took some time to get into this habit but once you do it’s really hard to overeat. Even if you’re eating your feelings (What? Nobody does that. Do they?). Really though, when you’re already relatively full and the world comes crashing down, it does make it harder to stuff your face. No judgment. I’m speaking from personal experience. I have breakfast at 7, snack at 10, lunch at 12, snack at 3, supper at six, and another snack if I feel like it.

I DON'T avoid fatty foods

I’m really into clean eating. That means eating natural foods including nuts and butter. I avoid processed foods and count calories but otherwise I eat what I want. Mmm butter. I randomly avoid bacon because every time I eat it I bloat up, literally by five pounds, but that’s just me. You have to find what works for you.

I DON'T stay home

Everyone has that friend who they hate inviting over because they don’t eat (insert random food that changes daily here). Yet, no matter how much you try to accommodate them, their current eating habits always seem to be the topic of conversation. I do not want to be THAT person. If my friends are serving bacon wrapped bacon I’ll eat it and I’ll say thank you. I never want my eating habits to negatively impact my relationship with others.

I DON'T avoid booze

To be clear, I don’t have a drinking problem but if my friends are enjoying a bottle of wine and I feel like partaking, I will, regardless of caloric intake.

Real Talk

Sure, I may lose weight much faster and in larger quantities if I was to follow all the dieting don'ts but let’s face it, then I’ll hate my diet and not stick with it. Then I'd just be right back where I started anyways. We’re all human. Live your life, be your best self, and just be happy.

Hannah Lord