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Wedding Prep – Bridal Edition (Part 3) - Hair Extensions

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Okay, this is an article honoring an event I’ve really been looking forward to (not that I don’t totally love every aspect of wedding planning- if you didn’t know that was sarcasm clearly you haven’t gotten very far into wedding planning yet). This week I got my hair extensions!! This is an expensive process, so naturally you may have questions- hey you need to justify yet another wedding expense! I feel you.


What should I look for when I purchase?

I have learned a few tips n tricks along the way. You are looking for real human hair, ethically sourced, “remi” extensions. Human hair will blend more naturally with your own and you can maintain it like your own. Ethically sourced means It wasn’t chopped off some poor orphan child in a third world country (shutter). Seriously, this is very important. Human suffering is not worth saving you an extra few dollars, especially when compared to the total cost of your wedding. Remi extensions fray from the bottom like your own hair, instead of the top, making a frizzy mess.

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What kind?

I’ll fill you in with the bit I know. There are three main kinds I looked into for myself and I’ll list them in order of longevity. Clip-ins last for the event and can be removed before you go to bed and can be reused. You can install and remove them yourself. Tape-ins (that’s the kind I went for) last about eight weeks. If they’re in good shape you can get new tape and reinstall them. According to YouTube, you can install them yourself, but I think it was well worth paying the extra little bit to have them installed. I can’t curl my own hair, let alone install extensions. Finally, there are individual extensions that can be weaved into your hair or attached with wax. They essentially last until they grow out (as long as they’re not too damaged). The price goes way up for these as you need more of them and you need them professionally installed and removed.


How do I take care of them?

They’re pretty much like your normal hair. All those things you should do for your normal hair, you do for these. Wash sparingly, avoid heat, sleep with a braid, etc. Real talk. We all know what we’re SUPPOSED to do with our hair but we rarely do it. The better you treat them, the longer they last but you do you. You can do whatever you want to them, that you would do to your normal hair.

I literally now have so much hair that I couldn’t fit it all in my selfie.

I literally now have so much hair that I couldn’t fit it all in my selfie.

Are they for me?

That’s the burning question, isn’t it? I LOVE mine. That’s really all I can say. Who doesn’t want Disney princess hair to magically appear on their head??? I think it’s one of those things you do for yourself. I love them but my fiancé barely notices they’re there. My fashion-forward friends love them. My other friends are indifferent. My nieces love them. My sister’s don’t care. Overall, I  am very happy, especially since my natural hair is very thin and has no volume. I think it’s well worth the cost to have the wedding hair of my dreams.


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