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Wedding Prep - Bridal Edition (Part 2) - Nails

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When getting ready for the wedding there are a lot of small details that sum up to the big picture. With less than a month to go and all the big things booked I turned my sights to smaller personal details that make a huge difference.

I spent my summer with my nails painted my bridal colors.

I spent my summer with my nails painted my bridal colors.

Enter- my nails


I am real clever and painted my nails my bridal colors so I would have them wherever I go. Genius! Yeah, not so much. I was left with yellow, brittle nails. So I’ve been trying out different nail treatment in hopes of saving my nails before my million dollar ring shots!

Sally Hanson

I started with Sally Hanson strengthening formula and though it did seem to strengthen my nails, they turned a darker shade of yellow. Not cute. So I has to move onto bigger and better things.



Next I tried OPI as it’s what I use generally as my nail polish. It made my nails nice and long, but they would break off in jagged pieces like it was going out of style. My friend suggested that I may have bought a polish for lengthening and should try strength instead.


This time I wasn’t messing around. I bought the most expensive strengthening nail polish at the pharmacy. I went for Essie. I have to admit this isn’t  a brand I have actually considered trying before. I don’t know why but it was never on my radar. But I figured you get what you pay for so I picked it up. I’m actually very happy. It’s only been a week but my nails do feel stronger. I only broke two this week as opposed to ten last week. Currently my nail is clicking away on my phone where as before my nail was so damaged that it no longer clicked, it smooshed into things. Yup, hott.


Don’t judge by the cuticles. Nail polish can only do so much.

I can’t wait for things to improve as I have my wedding spa day the day before I say the big I Do! The countdown is on (to being happily married of course, not just the spa day). Do you have any nail health tips n tricks? I need all the help I can get! Check us out on Facebook and Instagram to share!


Hannah Lord

(Brittle Bride)