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Wedding Prep -Bridal Edition (Part 1) - A Winning Smile

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Getting ready for a wedding literally takes months, if not years of preparation. I am less than 3 months away from my wedding and I’m officially over ceremony and reception planning! If it’s not planned yet, it’s not happening. So now I’m setting my sights on preparing myself personally (as opposed to mentally or emotionally-cause that'll never happen) for hours of photo documentation. That’s right ladies n gents, you know you gots to look good. My focus this week is teeth whitening.

Ask The Experts

I actually got some advice from my dental hygienist before starting my whitening routine and I did a ton of research. After all the money I spent on my wedding I was more than willing to shell out some dough on my teeth. My only issue is I have sensitive teeth! I don’t want to be distracted by pain on my big day because I made the wrong elective beauty choice.

Dentist or at home?

Which is the right choice? I researched each option. Modern women are educated on every choice they make. Ladies, do you feel me? The dentist will make you a personal try to fit to your specific teeth. Then you purchase the bleach or whatever it technically is and do it yourself at home. The difference with the white strips is they don’t conform perfectly to your teeth, cover your whole mouth, and aren’t as strong. I actually went with the strips as the not so strong appealed to me and my sensitive teeth!

Pro tips

  • If you are whitening and live with sensitive teeth invest in an expensive sensitivity toothpaste. Expensive. Worth it. It’s nothing compared to the rest of the money you shelled out for your wedding.

  • Plan your teeth cleaning for the week of your wedding if possible. We all love that squeaky clean feeling and the photographer will too! I know my insurance only pays for twice a year, so keep this in mind when wedding planning.

What did I do?

I split a pack of white strips with my friend to save on costs. We each paid half and took half the strips. I did one treatment, and only on the top as my bottom teeth are more sensitive. You can’t even see them when I smile anyways! I did one treatment a day.


I’m sold!

Well, I  did the tissue test with pics and I’m glad I did! If I were to look at my teeth now I'd say… meh. But when I compare the pics I can absolutely see a big difference! I LOVED them so much I bought another pack (with my shoppers points aka free to me!) for the week before my wedding.

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