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Make Up Trial - Top Five Reasons You Can’t Miss It

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With ALL of the MILLIONS of things you need to do for the wedding it’s easy to put the smaller things on the back burner. Hey, we all know you gotta prioritize to save your sanity. Take it from me, you need to do the little things, just for yourself, that will make a big difference on the Big Day. Today we feature the make up trial.


Top 5 reasons you MUST get a make-up trial

5. You don’t look like your celeb style muse (if you do, good for you. Ps I secretly hate you. #sorrynotsorry).


I aged during the days of Laguna Beach and The Hills. I LOVE Lauren Conrad. I love how she looks effortlessly beautiful at all times ( even while hard at work in this photo via Pinterest). No matter how much I contour I will never look like LC, but that doesn’t mean a girl can’t dream! Long story short, it takes more than one run to look like your celeb girl crush.

4. Make-up styles change - a lot

Oh Pinterest, is there anything you can’t find for me? What might have been hott the last time you got your makeup done (oh, say ten years ago at your prom) is not hott anymore. You don’t want to look at your pictures and see an homage to the early 90s. Sooo much liner..


3. You pay a lot for your pictures.

Speaking of homage on your wall, you will pay a TON for your photos. They are worth every penny but in comparison to what you’ll pay for your make up, it’s worth a little extra to make sure you look your best.

2. You may not actually want what you thought you wanted.



Looking at these pictures I know exactly what I like and what I want to change. I want more pink in my eye, a smaller wing, and darker brows. I’m still undecided about the lip. The day of is not the time to figure this out!



1. You may not like your make-up artist.


I’ve worked with my artist in the past so I know I love her work and I’m comfortable enough with her to tell her what I do and do not like. You’ve got enough on your plate the day of. Firing someone and consequently doing the work yourself is not an option.


Hannah Lord

(Bridal Beauty)