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The Bachelorette – Will She or Won't She?

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For many brides, bachelorettes have become a thing of the past. They are other too busy or don’t think its something they’d enjoy. Well I'm here to change your mind. This is a party FOR YOU; all ABOUT YOU! We all know that once you start a family, very little will be about you-enjoy it while you can.

My bachelorette party was a total surprise! It was the one aspect of my wedding I could just kick back and enjoy. I looked forward to every minute of It!

I dunno?

So my bachelorette was planned exclusively by my MOH and bridesmaid. I legit had no idea what was going on. I could guess what we’d be doing, but didn’t know for sure. This was my jam yo'. I know a lot of people are too “type A” for this but after months of planning every detail, of every second of the wedding, including coordinating multiple human beings, I was down for anything as long as I didn’t have to plan it.



I showed up at a hotel room downtown and my bridal team had it all decorated and ready to go! We all did our hair, make up and outfits together in the room. It was a Pre-party! It reminded me of my younger days, when I actually left my house for reasons other than adulting. It gave us some time to chill, chat and laugh before the other guests arrived.



After we party prepped ourselves the other guests arrived and we played the classically cheesy bachelorette games. Some people think these are lame, but there are only so many times in your life (hopefully once) when you’ll have the opportunity for such games. Take advantage. You won’t be disappointed. We played “How Well Do You Know The Bride?”, match the underwear to the person, and “how Well Does The Groom Know The Bride?”, and vice versa. It was actually refreshing. If you haven’t figured it out yet, wedding planning actually sucks! You will ABSOLUTELY question every decision you’ve ever made, including the choice to get married. But explaining my game answers to my friends and telling them all about my relationship really reminded me what all this hard work is for, my Love!


So, I’m not the youngest bride out there. I literally have not gone to a bar in YEARS. My friends and I purchased a PG rated dare game off of amazon and to the bar we went to complete our tasks. It felt so good to just let go and be silly. We danced for FIVE WHOLE SONGS! Like I said, old lady. We had a blast but after working off all those calories it was time for eats.


Street Meat

If you’ve been following the blog you’ll know I’ve been working hard on my wedding weight loss. Well, that all went out the window for the bachelorette! We went out for burritos and then ordered pizza when we got back to the hotel room. #winning

All in all it was a blast. One girl lost her voice. Another spent the rest of the night sick to her stomach. And my sister refused to get out of bed the next day. After months of wedding planning this was just what I needed to blow off a little steam and prepare for the final countdown. Only six weeks left until my Big Day! Trust Me, a bachelorette is everything you need in your life.


P.S. I survived!

Hannah Lord