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A couple of weeks ago I discussed some possible suggestions for gifts for your bridal party. Let’s face it, they've spent a TON on your big day. Although being part of one of the most specialest days of your life is of course payment enough, they deserve a little somethin' somethin’. Here's what I went with…



We are spending part of the Big Day at the spa. We all know that stuff can get expensive. Beauty does not come cheap! So I started off with a gift card to the spa.

Wedding Related

 Okay, I’m a bride but I’m not totally delusional. These pearls are perfect for my wedding theme but it’s not likely my girls will ever wear them again. Instead of making them buy yet another thing to collect dust after the wedding is done ( I’m sorry, they’re totally not shortening their dress and wearing it again, no matter what they say), I decided to buy their jewelry for them.

Again these bobbles are wedding perfect and I love them, but when the heck are they ever gonna wear them again? Perfect gift.


Picture Perfect


The best part of the wedding (other than, you know, being married) is all the photo ops!!! I got all my girls matching t-shirts, with the coordinating one for moi! They are now of course required to wear them to all wedding events.


Long Term Love

Just like your love for your husband, your love for your besties is long term. I wanted to get them a little something non-wedding that they can look at for years to come and know that I love and appreciate them.

Hannah Lord

(Bridal Bestie)