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The Perfect Gift??

Tips & TricksHannah ChalifouxComment

There are a million and one things you can get for your bridesmaids and God knows they deserve it, but how do you choose?


My first thought was photo ops. I wanted them to have something fun to commemorate my wedding that would double as a fun photo op for us all. I considered robes, personalized t shirts, etc all coordinating of course! Think of the adorable pictures they would make (which you can print and frame for a little bonus gift).


Photo ops are always fun but my next train of thought was longevity. How often would my girls wear a shirt that says bridesmaids, after the fact? So I started considering more practical items that still honored the day. I looked through jewelry, reusable bags, and other usable accessories.


Finally I started thinking about the amount of time and money they had put into my wedding. I wanted to get them a present that was as valuable to me as they are ( as if that’s possible). I decided to supplement their gift with a gift certificate to their favorite spot, or for the spa, hair, makeup etc that they could put towards the cost of the big day.



Wondering what I finally picked? I can’t give it away yet as I know they’re surely reading (right guys?!?). Tune in after Nov. 4th as I’m giving them their surprises at my BACHELORETTE PARTY! Tune in for those juicy details too!

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Hannah Lord