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To sleeve or not to sleeve?

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 Now that’s a loaded question. I was working on my article for the magazine about dress choice and this question kept coming up in my mind. Here’s a sneak preview.



What makes you want a sleeve? Date? Body type? Religion? That weird skin thing I totally have growing on my arm that looks frighteningly like I’ve been hexed and am turning into a chicken? Whatever the reason it’s a surprisingly complex question.


The Date

If you’re having a winter wedding than you definitely need to keep warm so you won’t freeze and have dead eyes in your wedding photos. You pay a lot of money to capture those memories! Sleeves are certainly an option but they'renot the only one available. My seamstress offered to make me a cape. No joke. An Elsa-style, princess cape with full on fur trim. I have to admit I was slightly curious. Who doesn’t want to be a princess on their big day? But in the end I decided a cape was a bit much for me. There’s always a more simple option like a faux fur shawl or just rock your girl next door roots with a nice peacoat. You can even continue to wear it the rest of the winter!

This was the legit look on my face, thinking of a cape.

This was the legit look on my face, thinking of a cape.

Body Type

I was researching different dresses for your body type for my article and it made me think of the sleeve. Like so many woman I wanted to hide my arms. I thought a sleeve might do the trick, however, a sleeve is a catch 22. If your sleeve has extra embellishments it can accent your arm instead of camouflage it. I continued to ponder body type as I watched Say Yes to the Dress and I realized as I scrutinized these dresses that not once did I look at any arms. Not once. So you do you. Let those chicken wings help your love soar to new heights! Not one person is going to notice and if they do I give you permission to retroactively uninvite them to your wedding. That’s right! They get the boot!

Feel free to invite any haters to leave. The whole bridal community has your back!

The Venue


Many churches want you to cover your arms and or shoulders. If you’re choosing a religious ceremony in such a venue than of course you want to respect those wishes. Make sure to talk over your religious and personal expectations with your seamstress. They are your fairy godmother and will create your Cinderella story, as long as you tell them what you want.

I don’t know about you but my wedding better not have mice. Even if they relay my truest dress desires!

I don’t know about you but my wedding better not have mice. Even if they relay my truest dress desires!

Moral of the Story

This is the best advice I can give and it comes straight from my article in the magazine. You do you. Your fiancé loves you! Just the way you are. Whether you pick sleeves, sweetheart, or a trench coat. This will be one of the most important days of you lives. Enjoy it!


Writing this article has made me SUPER excited. I did decide to have sleeves added to my dress and I’ve been taking so much flack about it. I haven’t seen it yet and am getting super nervous. But looking up pics for this article is giving me butterflies. Sleeves are exactly what I want. Thanks for reading! I really needed to write this!


Hannah Lord