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When I started my bridal journey I never really even considered a registry. Like, is that still a thing? Well, as I found out at the Engaged Bridal Expo, not only is it a thing , it’s the best thing ever!!!

It’s literally an afternoon with your own personal shopper!!!

It’s literally an afternoon with your own personal shopper!!!

Bring a snack

They legit booked us in for two hours and said that this may not be enough time to cover the whole store! My spouse and I have been together six years and own a house. Needless to say, we already have a lot if items but it STILL took us an HOUR AND A HALF just to scan the extra things we didn’t already have or needed to replace. You know, like a rumba or a bacon toaster (I’m not even joking, that’s a thing). Snacks and hydration are a must have to stay on top of your registry game.


Plan Ahead

Speaking of must haves, you’ll save yourself a lot if time (and argument with your spouse mid-store) if you have a list if items you’re interested in. Your personal shopper will still have lots of suggestions of fun things you’ve never thought of but it’s much easier to have a jumping off point. Plus it will save you the embarrassment of arguing over the bacon toaster. It’s not all that common, it doesn’t happen to every guy, and it is a big deal!!!

Register early


Seeing as I had never even thought of a registry I sent out my invites long before my registry was up and running. As a result I had to send out an awkward “buy me things” email. It would have been much easier had I registered and included the info on my invites. Yup, Iscrew things up so you can learn from my mistakes. Took that one for the team. You’re welcome.

Free Bees!

Not only was registering free, you get free-to-you gifts (you actually want), and it comes with actual free gifts and discounts. Plus it’s something your spouse actually wants to take part in. I honestly haven’t gotten any feedback from mine since cupcake tasting, but given the opportunity to choose the perfect butter dish and gravy boat, he couldn’t resist. And by butter dish, I mean bacon toaster. There's honestly nothing not to love about a wedding registry and I HIGHLY recommend it! Bacon toaster.


Hannah Lord
(Shopaholic Bride)