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Weddings Atlantic 2018 Atlantic Canadian Gift Guide & Giveaway!

Brittney Toner

The holiday season is upon us, and we are SO excited to share our 2018 Atlantic Canadian gift guide with you!

We want to encourage you all to shop local this holiday season! Read to the end for details on our giveaway!

Check out these amazing Atlantic Canadian Businesses:

Sandy Toes Shop

Sandy Toes Shop is an apparel line for anyone with salt water in their veins and a love for the east coast. It was founded by Crystal Richard, the Blogger behind East Coast Mermaid! They feature items for the whole family, from onesies to adult sizes! Their items also make the perfect gift for anyone from Atlantic Canada who are now living away from the ocean.

They have a coastal crush on Atlantic Canada, and their products show it! Visit their website at

Washed Up Product Photo 4-1.jpg

Nova Scotia Fisherman

Their products are hand crafted in New Minas Nova Scotia using premium, high end natural ingredients. All of their products include locally harvested Sea Kelp which is sustainable and incredible for your skin! At Nova Scotia Fisherman, they are constantly inspired by their environment, and source local apple cider from the beautiful Annapolis Valley for their apple cider soap! Their inspiration from their surroundings makes them proud to support the Nature Conservancy of Canada. Enjoy these locally crafted premium plant based body care products with everyone in your family!

See their products at


Denis Brun Woodworking

Located in Moncton, NB, Denis Brun has been doing woodworking as a hobby for several years before turning it into a business. He says “ I strive to make beautiful products that will last a lifetime.”

His work includes cutting boards and kitchen accessories, as well as household items such as jewelry shelves and more.

You can view his work and purchase his products here:


 Morrowen Knits

Morrowen Knits is a small local business from Montague, Prince Edward Island.  Kayla makes cozy knits inspired by her home province, including toques, scarves, headbands, blankets and more. 

Each piece is handmade with attention to quality and detail.  Kayla strives to create cozy knits that are gift-worthy and can be enjoyed for years to come.  Morrowen Knits on-line Etsy shop is an ongoing venture that is composed of original Morrowen Knits pieces and also original knit patterns.

You can visit her shop here:


Scotia Glass

Alisha started her sea glass and pebble art a few years ago, but has been a beachcomber for most of her life. She creates unique pieces of art from natural things that she finds along the shores of the Bay of Fundy and the Atlantic ocean.

All of her ocean inspired art is created using only Nova Scotia beach treasures. She also accepts custom orders and would love to hear from you. Scotia Glass ships worldwide

Alisha is also a bride-to-be and is getting married July 2019 with a “good old backyard Nova Scotian wedding.”

You can view her shop here:


Subtidal Creations

Through studying marine biology and learning to scuba dive, Natasha Hynes developed a strong appreciation for algae. After bringing home a few pieces of seaweed from the beach one day, Subtidal Creations Co. was born. Coming from Newfoundland, her love for the Northwest Atlantic Ocean motivated her to show the world the beauty, the elegance, and the diversity that our ocean provided. 

 Subtidal Creations Co. is currently based in St. Andrews, New Brunswick and aims to represent the natural beauty of Atlantic Canada in as many countries as possible. Her wish is that her passion and love bleeds into my art and fills your home with the same positivity. She hopes that every time one of her presses is viewed, it reminds us to show the utmost respect for the ocean: our blue home. 

You can view her shop here:


Lyndsey Paynter Fine Art

Located in Charlottetown, PEI, Lyndsey Paynter Fine Art works to give you a piece of art that captures the important moments of your life. Choose to have a commissioned artwork done to remember past events or have Lyndsey paint live at your wedding or special celebration to entertain guests and add a special touch. 

Live painting packages and commission pricing may be found at

Bridal Portrait.jpg

The Giveaway!


Our 2018 Home For The Holidays Giveaway is taking place over on Instagram!

Head on over to our Instagram and follow the instructions on the photo posted above! You must comment on the photo in order to be entered!

Links to the Instagram pages of all of the shops mentioned will be posted along with the photo, and you MUST follow Weddings Atlantic, as well as each shop in order to be entered.

Here’s what the winner will receive!:

$50 Gift Certificate To Sandy Toes Shop

20% Off An Order Of $50 Or More From Nova Scotia Fisherman

$75 Gift Certificate To Denis Brun Woodworking

$30 Gift Certificate To Morrowen Knits

$40 Gift Certificate To Scotia Glass

20% Discount For Subtidal Creations

And 50% off of any live event/wedding package or commissioned painting for Lyndsey Paynter Fine Art!

The winner will receive codes to redeem all of the prizes listed above online!

We will announce the winner on Friday, December 14th! Good Luck!

Writing Your Own Wedding Vows? Try These 5 Tips

Brittney Toner

So, you’ve decided you want to write your own wedding vows. Where do you start? We’ve gathered up five of the most helpful tips to help ensure there’s not a dry eye in the house on your wedding day.

Do your research

If there’s one piece of advice we can offer, it’s to do your own research. Whether you’ve been to a hundred weddings, or just one – take the time to read other vows to get a good sense of what appeals to you. Are you going for pure, raw emotion with a hint of laughter? A set of vows that only you the two of you will understand? Or are you the perpetual ‘funny couple’ always looking to make others laugh? Your vows should reflect who you are as people, as well as the ‘vibe’ of your overall wedding.

Settle on a format

Be sure you both sit down well in advance to discuss what you’re both aiming for in terms of time and overall execution. If there’s an embarrassing story that you’d rather not be told, be sure to speak up, now. There’s nothing worse than your partner spilling a detail in front of your most loved friends and family that you were otherwise trying to keep on the D-L. Decide if you’ll be sharing your vows with one another before the ceremony, or if it’ll be a surprise.

Write it all out

Don’t get overwhelmed in the beginning. Spend some time thinking about what you love most about your partner, and what you want to speak to. Make point form notes, or keep a list in your phone of bulleted points to consult later. If inspiration strikes, run with it. That’s why it’s super important to give yourself plenty of time to write your vows. Eventually, you’ll continue to hone in on the story you want to tell, and you’ll prepare a ‘rough’ draft.

Remove cryptic details and stale clichés

Your vows should come naturally and (forgive the cliché) from the heart. Now isn’t the time to demonstrate your love for similes or alliteration or the English language generally (unless that’s your style, and if so – carry on!). Continue to edit your vows until you feel they’re the best, most true representation of your heart. Don’t be too cryptic, though – you’ll want your guests to be able to understand most (or all) of what you’re trying to say.  

Practice makes perfect

Practice your vows over and over again. Practice in front of your bridesmaids and your dog and anyone else who will listen. Record yourself reading your vows, too. The more you practice, the more comfortable you’ll feel when the time comes.

Flashback Friday! The First Look- Yay or Nay?

Brittney Toner

Article By Hannah Chalifoux

Fun Fact: according to the internet (which is, obviously, the true, unabridged, entirety of human knowledge and existence) the tradition of waiting until the wedding day to see the bride stems from arranged marriages. Marriage was a business deal where the bride was “given” (she was sold, but I feel gross talking about selling humans) to a man of higher standing, who could take care of her. The family wouldn’t want the man to see the bride before the big day for fear of him rejecting her! So, not that I’m against tradition, but I’m hoping you have met your future husband before your actual wedding day!

 Photo By Ashley Marie Photography

Photo By Ashley Marie Photography

Well, if you’re not into entrusting Wikipedia with all your major life decisions, this article is for you. There are many aspects of wedding planning that you’ll know literally nothing about. I mean, seriously, they should teach event planning in high school. You would use it on the regular in real life. When was the last time you even used algebra? This, however, is not just any event. It’s your wedding! It’s one of the most important days of your life, and you’re not leaving anything up to chance…or Wikipedia.

Luckily, we’ve got you covered. We’ve interviewed LOCAL, New Brunswick, wedding experts- who have expertise in everything wedding- to gather their input on The First Look aka seeing your spouse BEFORE the ceremony.

The First Look- Yay or Nay?

Chantelle Elliot

AC Events- Wedding Coordination & Design

We love the idea of First Look photos! It helps to make this moment a private and intimate one- allowing true feelings and excitement to really show through in the photos. You will be able to hug, kiss, talk, cry, and any plethora of other reactions, that you may not want to have in front of an audience. It also makes things easier logistically. It could free up time for group portraits/photos before the ceremony, limiting the amount of time you will have to leave your guests waiting before the reception.

Pro Tip: If you can’t get past the traditions and “bad luck” of seeing each other before the wedding (some people just can’t- and that’s okay!) consider having the first look with your Dad instead!

Phillipe Boudreau


I’m all for the First Look! From a photography stand point, it allows me to capture both partners’ reaction in one frame, rather than in two separate images. It tells the story of the moment much better. From a timeline perspective, couples get to spend more time together on their wedding day, since they’ll see each other earlier in the day. It also gives couples a chance to laugh, cry, hug and kiss; things which usually don’t happen after walking down the aisle, as the ceremony starts immediately. All in all, it’s a very special moment that I absolutely love to capture, but ultimately it’s up to each couple to determine what works best for them!

Tosha Whalen

The Cocoa Room- Venue

There are many benefits to having a First Look prior to a wedding ceremony. As a venue, we see more than 50% of our couples choose to do a First Look versus waiting for the moment when they walk down the aisle. A First Look should be planned with as much care as a ceremony.  Choose a beautiful location with a spectacular background; your photographer will love you for that. Or choose your ceremony site for the first look. Being in the exact spot where you plan on saying your “I dos” gives you a sense of seeing each for the first time as you walk down the aisle.  It is an intimate time for a couple, and a First Look helps to take away many pre-wedding ceremony jitters. It also gives you more flexibility for your wedding day timeline. No need to feel like you have to rush through pictures; take them before. Of course, if your heart is set on seeing the love of your life as you walk down the aisle surrounded by family and friends, then make it happen.  There are no rules in weddings!

Can I just say that I love that these are the opinions of real wedding experts, from right here in NB??? I also love them because they agree with everything I think about the First Look. I swear I didn’t plan it. No bribes needed! I just ask the questions and write the answers ya’ll. I can’t help it if the experts agree with me.

I love that they so perfectly describe all the reasons I went for the First Look. Logistically, it just made sense for our evening wedding. Emotionally, it was a God send to spend the day with my love.

But, there’s one perspective missing, the bride! Luckily for you, I’ve got you covered. 

Hannah Chalifoux


The one thing I was worried about was that I’d miss that spark walking down the aisle; that moment when your eyes meet for the first time that day. Your heart flutters as you walk down the aisle to join your life partner. I mean, would you still feel that way if you had seen each other just two minutes before? Well, I can attest that. Yes!  That walk down the aisle is still everything you want it to be. My heart was pounding so hard I thought I was going to die… of happiness of course! I think it’s not about the last time you saw each other, because this moment isn’t about anything in your past. This moment is about looking to the future, so it doesn’t matter if you’ve seen each other that day, the day before, or even the week before. The walk down the aisle is going to be everything you dreamed because you are walking into your future with the person you love.

Really, I think the moral of the story is, you do you. If you’re traditional, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! If you’re not, that’s okay too! As long as you know that the First Look is not a choice you’ll regret making. It still has all the drama and romance you’d expect from your wedding day.

P.S. I wanted to put the opinion of the bride AND groom but literally, every man I asked, gave me a blank stare.  They had no idea what a First Look was, and then when I explained, the blank looked continued. When I prompted for answers they said, “I don’t care”. I asked multiple grooms. I think my next article will be How to Deal with a Finance Who Doesn’t Want to Wedding Plan.

Pop Up Weddings: Are They Here to Stay?

Brittney Toner

If there’s one thing I hear about often, it’s how millennials are one of the most ‘minimal’ generations yet, and generation z is quickly following in our footsteps. So of course it makes sense that minimal weddings are becoming more and more common in recent years. Many of us are new graduates with a boat-load of student loan debt, or are getting married later in life and aren’t as interested in all of the fluff that can go along with a traditional wedding. And, some of us would prefer to spend our wedding budget on a killer honeymoon.

So, if you’ve decided to nix the big wedding, but aren’t sure eloping is for you, you should consider the pop up wedding.

What is a pop up wedding?

Pop up weddings are made for millennials. They’re a perfect match for our minimalist, debt-ridden tastes. It’s a pared down wedding ceremony and reception which is both carefully curated and quickly executed. It’s eloping without the elopement part. It’s the simple, heartfelt ceremony attended by only your closest friends and family (think 20 guests at most) at a fraction of the cost of a traditional wedding. Often, pop up weddings are held at specific ‘niche’ or unique locations at unusual times of the week, in between other pop up ceremonies. You can throw one yourself, completely on your own, or there are companies that specialize in pop up weddings – offering you catering, florals, an officiant, a venue and a photographer all for one price. Some companies have packages to choose from that range from bare minimum to a pop up version of a traditional wedding.  Some companies offer ‘add on’s’ for an additional price, and you can create a package which is totally customized to you.

Either way, let me be the first to say: sign me up, girl!  

The pop up wedding seeks to take the stress out of planning your wedding. You and your wedding party (or, even you and your soon to be spouse if you’re going the fully minimal route) show up, fully dressed, and everything else is taken care of. Your photos take an hour, instead of a full day. The venue is usually stunning, and available to you at a fraction of the cost if you required it for a full day. And you can focus on what matters most, not whether the caterers forgot to torch the crème brule – just enjoying your day.

Who are pop up weddings best suited to?

Pop up weddings are best suited to those who don’t want to get caught up in the nitty gritty details, or are interested in saving money. Maybe you’re just a minimalist at heart, or have quickly learned that wedding planning is not for you. The pop up wedding is an amazing option for the couple who wants to elope, but who doesn’t want their family to miss out. It’s a scaled down wedding offering everything you want with so much less hassle.  And money. So much less money.

You may want to avoid a pop up wedding if…

Of course, there are those who wouldn’t consider a pop up wedding if it was the last option in the world. Have you been planning your wedding since you were 10 years old? Do you live and die by your Pinterest wedding planning board? Do you agonize over the difference between lilac and periwinkle? If so, a pop up wedding is probably not for you.

Some may feel like the pop up wedding is “mass produced”. I will say this: if your goal is to plan the most unique, out of this world wedding, a pop up wedding may not be for you. Sure, you can customize the details and make a pop up wedding truly your own, but most of the time your wedding is only an hour long sliver of the day, with other weddings coming before and/or after in that very same venue.

Are pop up weddings becoming the new trend?

Maybe. It’s easy to see that couples are moving away from the ‘cookie cutter’ wedding, and are willing to try new ideas – especially in more urban areas. Today, couples are more likely to elope, to throw a surprise wedding, or to hold an intimate, pared down ceremony somewhere really extraordinary.

As a millennial, I admit I can see the value in pop up weddings. All too often I see the exhausted brides, the deer-in-the-headlight husbands, and the strapped for cash bridal parties. I see multi-day events leading up to the wedding ceremony, and I hear about the depression after the wedding high has worn off. I see the pop up wedding as an innovative offering that can take the stress out of wedding planning for those who just aren’t interested in it, or the financial burden off those who are already struggling to make ends meet but who don’t want to wait a single second longer to get married.

 In short, they’re the perfect mix of romantic and unique and tasteful and – maybe most importantly? – frugal (because who wants to start their married life paying off their wedding?).  

And if it' s up to me, I think the pop up wedding is here to stay.

What to Expect from Your Wedding Photographer

Brittney Toner

Hiring a wedding photographer can be the most important decision you’ll make once you start the wedding planning process. These days, more and more people own a decent camera, and there are plenty of wedding photographers to choose from: from the best, most sought after (and expensive) photographer to the local, less experienced but more affordable photographer – they truly run the gamut. 

While it’s true that a great photo captures a thousand words (or something like that), it’s important that you find a photographer who you wouldn’t mind spending your day with. Remember, depending on the wedding photography package you choose, this person may be with you from dawn till dusk on one of the most important days of your life. Choose someone who you feel comfortable around, and someone with a good sense of humour.  They’ll be the one who’ll hold your train, the one who will wrangle your chatty family into a properly composed photo, and the one who captures the photos you’ll cherish for a lifetime. Be sure you do your research early on, too. For example, does your ‘dream’ photographer’s signature style work for the venue you have in mind?  

Hire a wedding photographer who is willing to sign a contract – or better yet, one who wants you to sign a contract. Having a contract is one way to hopefully prevent any last-minute disasters. Your photographer’s contract should contain information on who will replace him or her should they be unable to perform their end of the bargain. A good wedding photographer will find you a similar alternative in the unlikely event of an emergency that prevents them from taking your wedding photos. Review the contract carefully before signing it and know what the conditions and expectations are for both parties. Ask as many questions as you like! Here are a few questions you could ask to clarify things between you and your photographer:

  • How would you describe your signature style?

  • Are other guests able to take photos during the ceremony/other parts of the day?

  • Do you have experience taking wedding photos at sunset/at the beach/in a dim room?

  • How long after the wedding will we receive our photos?

  • Will we receive a few ‘sneak previews’? If so, how will they be made available?

  • Do we have rights to the edited photographs? Will you retain any rights to them?

  • Will our photos be printed or digitally available?

  • What is your cancellation policy?

  • Do you require a retainer fee?

Plan several meetings with your photographer leading up to your wedding day. Provide them with an itinerary of the day and let them know where they are expected to be (and when). Share your ideas with your wedding photographer early on and set shared expectations for your day. Some photographers will request a list of photographs you’d like them to capture throughout the day as well. Be sure to also communicate what you’d like the photographer to avoid photographing – whether it’s an unflattering angle, a certain area of your wedding venue, or a portion of your day such as the late-night festivities.

The more time you spend building a relationship with the person you choose to photograph your day, the better the results.  You’ll both feel more comfortable around one another, which will help you to feel more relaxed on your big day. You might even consider having your engagement photos shot by the same photographer, just so you can all be more well-acquainted.

At the end of the day, you’ll want to view your photographer as a new friend. They’ll be by your side on one of the most important days of your life, and you’ll want to feel comfortable being vulnerable with them close by.

What factors did you consider when choosing your photographer?